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    Caanoo Vs Pandora The Winner Is Caanoo

    Surprise, OPT thinks Pandora is better. News at eleven We should have Tony Han here so we could get some intelligent discussion going :rolleyes:
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    Going It Alone: Manufacturing In China

    Oh look, Openpandora made in into that article
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    [Analysis] Retrospecter Pandora

    Awesome post is awesome
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    Dpads, Whats The Difference (No Flame Please)

    I'm definitely a D-pad nut, so here's my thoughts on different controllers and their pads There's two official pad designs for the Saturn. One is junk, the other one is arguably the best pad ever (so called Model two, even though it's the older design). The latter one is pretty much the same as...
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    The Last Appstore Thread

    Therefore: AppShack
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    Kalisiin's Gp32/gp2X/wiz/dingoo Whinging Competition

    I think it's pretty important that the pledges are there for all to see since this is a competition held by the community. This way anyone who pledges can't double back if the entries are not to his or her liking (provided the money isn't collected before). On the flip side, if I'm contributing...
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    Rest In Peace: Oneup, Aka Hufsky, Aka No_Skill

    I remember him from the GP32 days, such a talented individual. He had amazing artistic vision and a truly exemplary attitude to helping guys out. Super Mario War was a big favorite of mine on the 32. I always thought that if I learned to code games, mine would be in that style (I still have his...
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    Pandora Pandora Panic

    I can probably help out with some sprite work. If you need any help, PM with what you are currently using (sprite sheets) and I'll try to work some magic on them. EDIT: Some crap I've done previously
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    Sega Saturn Ports

    For Virtua Cops and House of the Dead? Absolutely.
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    Neo Geo Cd

    The Neogeo CD is a great console, despite what you might have heard. Lower-meg count games load once at the start, and never load again. The top-loader is built like a tank. The pads are absolutely fantastic, the best damn pad this side of the Japanese Saturn one. Games are cheap, and some of...
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    Sega Technical Institute

    Well, actually, no. Ristar was made by Sonic Team and Greendog by Interactive Designs / Sega Interactive.
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    If God Had A Handheld

    Looks like someone was a fan of the old Atari Lynx.
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    Jxd 301

    Well, you've obviously researched it more than I have. Hopefully you're right :-) Let us know in any case.
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    Jxd 301

    That is dead sexy, however, I don't think it has a Blackfin chip in it..? The model name is 619E, and here it is on Sansui's website.
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    Sega Technical Institute

    Long-ass article here. In short: Kid Chameleon, Megadrive Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Megadrive Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball, Master System, Game Gear & Mega Drive Sonic 3, Megadrive Sonic & Knuckles, Megadrive The Ooze, Megadrive ComiX Zone, Megadrive Die Hard Arcade, Saturn Sonic Jam,