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    [FS] First Batch Pandora (Classic?)

    This is one of the first Pandoras ever to be made, with the hardware that's now known as the "Classic", I believe. It has the First Batch sticker inside (see photo). Comes with: * Console * Charger * TV Out Cable I haven't been using it much, but since the case is apparently quite brittle...
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    Devil64 info - also for

    Also ich will den ASM-Cross-Compiler von DraculLa :rotfl: Stellt euch mal vor, so optimiert wie Zsnes ist, das auf dem Wiz / der Pandora :O Eigentlich schade, dass es schon vorbei ist, das Projekt hat (mir zumindest) selbst ohne einen einzigen Release jede Menge Spaß gemacht :D
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    Devil64 info - also for

    Der Punkt ist halt: ;)
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    Devil 64 Newest News

    Yeah, the DirectX thing seems pretty stupid as well... he's complaining now that people want to discuss whether DirectX is a driver or not, so I'm guessing he still doesn't get the fact that it's Windows-only. Also, foxblock, you're absolutely right about the bad German... it's just a mess of...
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    N900 Set To Fail

    That would be Nokia's entirely made up bar of requirements for Flash 10.1, right? IIRC, the N900 uses the same SoC as the Motorola Milestone / Droid, which is slated to receive an update to Android 2.2 with Flash in the coming month. I got the impression that there's quite a bit of proficient...
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    Devil64 info - also for

    Naja, interpretierte Sprachen sind halt schneller zu schreiben und debuggen, schätz ich mal, aber der Java-Interpreter den Ebay benutzt wird wohl auch mit C++ oder so was geschrieben sein ;) Zurück zum Thema: In welcher Sprache ist eigentlich Devil64 geschrieben? Ich hab da so was von Assembler...
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    Devil64 info - also for

    Ganz gefährliche Aussage, da kann schnell ein Flamewar draus werden ;) ARMs sind im Handheld-Bereich (Handys, Gaming-Handhelds, Navis, MP3-Player, etc.) quasi der Alleinherrscher unter den CPUs, hauptsächlich weil sich die Leistung pro Watt seit Jahren verbessert und x86-Prozessoren (Intel und...
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    N900 Set To Fail

    I don't think it was ever supposed to have any mass market appeal, so honestly, I'm surprised Vodafone even sold them in store at all... After all, it's a phone with a partly unfinished OS that was primarily marketed to hacker types... Anyway, thanks for the heads-up, if they're getting this...
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    Skip The Queue

    He would be getting a unit with a broken nub with the express understanding that one nub *is* broken. In return, he gets to skip ahead of others in the queue who continue to wait for their fully working Pandoras. It's only reasonable then to pay money to have the nub fixed at a later date ;)...
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    Controller Limitations

    @OP :"Almost complete" in comparison to the PS2/PS3? Just curious, why do you refer to those as complete? And why do you need analog buttons and secondary triggers that badly on the Pandora? If you have a game in mind you want to make, let us know :) On the other hand, if you're worried about...
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    Craigix Tweets, Mwestion Soon To Arrive.

    I think I found the Appropriate Song for this situation :D
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    Pandora Cube

    Really, I don't see the point in a Pandora "console", because, as was said before, you already can connect the Panda to a TV. In addition to that, the same space constraints just don't apply for a set-top-box type environment as for a handheld, i.e. it wouldn't be hard to put together something...
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    I reallly like the way this is looking, but most of the screenshots look like they're missing some structure to achieve that "hand-drawn" feeling (if you're going for that in the first place :D)... I'm not exactly sure how you achieve the Cel Shading, because there was talk about it being in...
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    Project Gotham Racing... Multi Core Arm By Q4 Etc...

    True, my bad... that actually makes it seem a lot more possible it *is* MSR... Though I certainly wouldn't complain about XBOX ports ;) However, it's still ARM's next-gen hardware, i.e. *not* the stuff used in the Pandora, guess we should keep that in mind...
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    Project Gotham Racing... Multi Core Arm By Q4 Etc...

    That *could* be the case, but sounds incredibly confusing for everyone involved imho... besides, are you sure Sega still owns that name today? I'm pretty sure I remember someone (either DaveC or craigix) talking about how those kinds of licenses were actually pretty short-lived... in...