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    Release Hotfix 5 Released!

    I can no longer exceed 800MHz when adjusting the CPU clock speed. (I used to pick around 850.) Is this normal?
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    The FFVIII crash was never fixed but I've noticed a decent speed boost playing FFVII using R8. Thanks. :)
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    Msi Bgp100 Bluetooth Gamepad

    Does anyone have one of these? I'm interested in buying for use with an Android phone. Thanks.
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    Messiah Studio 5 For $10

    As a game design student, this looks interesting. I design levels/environments as I suck with characters. This seems to be for character modelling, but nevertheless for that price it is a steal so I will think carefully about this. Before it's over! ;)
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    No Web Functionality

    Yes, it's with mouse usage as well. I'm certain it is the "lethal-nub-death" you describe. I'll drop them an e-mail.
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    No Web Functionality

    Thanks for your responses guys. It would probably be easier if I just assigned L to left-click and R to right-click. The right nub has only given me pure hassle. Regardless of whether I'm middle-clicking or whether they're broken, it shouldn't be this difficult to use them. That's probably one...
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    No Web Functionality

    I believe I may have. Hmm. Could it be that it's right-clicking and pasting in what is seemingly one action? Something tells me my nubs are broken. I'll always find that word funny. Although sadly this situation is not!
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    No Web Functionality

    It's natural that it will click in the "middle" a bit as I have to push down on it a little to move the nub left, to left click. There aren't really many steps to follow. I'll try again later and see if it is still a problem. (I'm sure it will be.) There's still no explaination for the text it...
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    No Web Functionality

    I am not in a good mood. After visiting family I was finally able to connect with Wi-Fi. Sadly, the wait was for nothing. Frequently, Pidgin, Firefox and Chromium close with no explanation. I think the nubs are causing it but right now I'd have more fun castrating myself with a butter knife...
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    Pandora Price Increase!

    I can agree that it is quite unfair. <_< Then again, I skipped the queue by buying my Pandora from someone, but at least I didn't delay someone else's Pandora.
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    How much of a difference can choice of ISO format make? I was using IMG, but when I found out Zod's emulator needed bin/cue I converted my ISOs. Nearly popped a vein when it reported they couldn't be read. So I went back to IMG.
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    You should specify the dates the versions were released in the original post so we can be sure we're running the latest version without checking the Pandora.
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    Wasted Time

    I know the feeling. I've got an assignment due in for Friday. *gulp*
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    Just Got My Pandora

    Well, I meant stream video files. Although that isn't all that I want to do. I'd also like to play games wirelessly, thus not needing SD space for them. Obviously this wouldn't work with ISOs but I imagine it would work with most older ROMs. Then there's music too, of course. Unfortunately...
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    Arimail Shipping Is Dangerous?

    Read. I hope this clears things up for you.