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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    I am having same problem on CC Pandora. But actually menu is not glitching. It is displaying view from one-before view. E.g. you press space for menu, it still displays game. Then you press down arrow, it starts to display menu. You press one more down. It displays first down view. You press up...
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    The RetroPi

    is there still a change to get it this year?
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    Site certificates

    My guess would be that OP's system does not support SNI ( As both sites use same IP address, SNI support is needed to get correct certificate of virtual host In this case solution would be to get different IP address for one of...
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    The RetroPi

    Is there any news about RetroPi?
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    How do you use your Pandora?

    I think that laptop, tablet or something like that (or it's battery) could block something in bag from view (because as far as I know battery blocks rays).
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    How do you use your Pandora?

    By "scan" PokeParadox most likely ment putting tablets/notebooks on track for x-raying. And I think, that Pandora does not get attention due to it's smaller size. And with x-ray I do not see any privacy violations (I guess privacy is more violated when baggage is x-rayed than pandora) :)
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    So... Dwarf fortress? :)

    as lunixbochs already said, that friend probably has libgraphics: Biggest problem with DF is that it is not open source and it does not have ARM build. If someone would manage to run it in suficient speed via qemu then it would be great...
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    .next development

    As I understand PND stuff does not work on .next, because it waits for user login. So could someone enlighten me (or us, if there are more people interested in this) how does (or should) pnd system work? Where should I start poking around, etc :)
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    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    you can imagine that there were not extension, then after 6 weeks slap something together and then improve it next 4 weeks ;)
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    Need a new phone

    N950 is probably off limits, because only ~250 of them exist on this world. I was searching for a phone to replace my N900 and best ans only thin I found is Motorola Droid 3. BUT there is a but... It is not sold in Europe... So currently best new N900 ia a N900... Or locked Droid3 from Canada...
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    London riots!

    I heard on TV that London is running out off space in jails, my first thought was "I guess they still have space in hospitals". I think that heavy force should have been used long time ago...
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    EXT connectors

    I think WizardStan can mail you some stamps if you ask nicelly :) Of course he will use more adorable stamp to send it to you, so you will order more :P ... Profit! :D I received my connectors yesterday and after reading comments I expected them to be... smaller
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    but if you try to read as much books as possible a day and if it would take to read one book about 10minutes, will you be able to tell how any books you read per day without recounting them?
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    EXT connectors

    here is some info about connector:
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    I am having trouble running Global Domination (NTSC, SLUS-01419). Game freezes a few seconds after starting mission intro video, If I click a button to skip intro before the freeze, game progresses normally (but it will freeze on next mission video intro, if not skipped). I tried r6 and r7...