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    Release PCSX ReARMed release thread

    I'm playing Warhammer shadow of the horned rat and it works fine. However, I think the units move way to fast. Is there a way to make it slower? (Only played the PC verson many years ago, so I might mis remember...)
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    Humble Indie Bundle 7

    Do any of these run on the pandora?
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    Release Days of Dawn on Pandora

    Thanks for the answer, just back this project, let's hope ot get's there!
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    Release Days of Dawn on Pandora

    I'd be interested in a Pandora version maybe bundled with a mac/linux version minus the swa. will that be available?
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    Release VVVVVV for Pandora

    Runs pretty fast :-) Thanks again!
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    Release VVVVVV for Pandora

    Thanks! I'll try after the game :-)
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    Release VVVVVV for Pandora

    I got this today :-) Thanks for the work! Could someone explain what the scaling thingy is? Where can I set it? It is slower than the flash demo, so I guess it's currently wrong.
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    Any news? I'd love it!
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    Eduroam connection issues

    I have a question regarding this: it needs the deutsche-telekom-root-ca-2 certificate for my uni. Do I need to instll this somehow? I assumed I needed the pem file and generated it with openssl, but I don't really now what I need to do here ;)
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    Pandora erhalten? -> Bestellnummer hier eintragen!

    <i> </i>Bestellnummer: 3253 Bestelldatum: 01.11.2008 Versanddatum: 13.06.2012 Zustelldatum: 20.06.2012 Anzahl-Pandoras: 1
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    Faster delivery upgrade-Information (2012-03-06)

    It'll still be good to know what the time table is. I might even think about upgrading...
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    Faster delivery upgrade-Information (2012-03-06)

    Any guestimate when those will ship, assuming I act fast(er than most)?
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    There we go! (2012-02-28)

    Thanks Boss!
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    There we go! (2012-02-28)

    Hi ED, should I worry that I didn't get a reply when I send an address change email? I know the address change is not reflected in the shops order history, so I have no way to tell... Thanks! ps: I'm an "old" pre-orderer so I guess it's not going to ship anytime soon anyways.
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    Just a few days... (2012-02-18)

    Hm, I'll have to send my new shipping details to you then ;) Enjoy the birth!