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    Angry Post

    I agree! I'm so mad I'm going to reply and completely miss the point.
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    Made In China!

    As anyone who's ever listed one on ebay knows, taking a good photo of a handheld games console is very hard.. especially if you use the flash :P :D
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    First Batch Commemorative T-Shirts

    I don't have it here, it's at my parents' place - will try to remember to find it next time I'm there. From memory, the shirt is black, it has a cartoon skull (?!) and a big GP32 logo with "Independence Days 2003" underneath. I was a student journalist at the time, and GamePark sent me a couple...
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    First Batch Commemorative T-Shirts

    Cool, it could languish at the back of my wardrobe together with my official GP32 "Independence Days 2003" t-shirt :)
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    Pandora Production In Scotland ?

    Would be fun to have a "Made in Scotland from girders" sticker on the back of the unit ;)
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    Do You Use A Gnu/linux Distro On Your Main Computer?

    No, becuase Win 7 x64!
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    Vga Cables And Pandora Carry Case

    What I was trying to imply was that monitor outputs aren't exactly the point of a handheld, portable games console. If I want to do Pandora stuff on a big screen, I can do it on my desktop PC! :)
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    Pandora In Linux Format

    I think it's fair to have a few errors in a magazine/newspaper article - better to have something written dispassionately with slight errors than have a fanboy write a technically accurate review.
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    Vga Cables And Pandora Carry Case

    I thought it was meant to be a handheld/portable console... :)
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    32-bit, innit.
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    Don't think I'll be giving up my DS Lite when the Pandora arrives - unless there is some way to play DS games (well, OK - pretty much just GTA) on Pandora!!
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    Official Blog- Keep It Going

    I'm just going with the flow. I've been watching Pandora for a few years but didn't want to order until I could see the final spec, and know that physical units were actually beginning to come together. This week I jumped and ordered (last minute I know - well, hopefully last minute!) I...
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    The Pandora Information Index

    Ahh! I somehow managed to get into the first batch! Excited :D (nobody will remember me, I used to post here in the days of the GP32...) Now to start reading all this info...
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    Snapping Headphone Jacks

    Just to report the headphone socket in my (3 year old, black) GP2X came clean off the PCB and started rattling around inside the unit. I unscrewed the back a little and it dropped out. I've never used headphones with it so it made me sad ;__;
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    Zeengine3d Source Code Release

    It will say that even if you do put in a licence. That system really needs someone to take a look and fix it, this is why I stopped bothering using it