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    Waiting For My Gp32

    Hey guys! Just came back for the first time in forever, and read through some of the reviews I wrote back in highschool. Sitting in my home office, and my GP32 BLU is still a mainstay on my desk. Though, I haven't changed the SMC's contents since 06 or 07, so it's pretty much just loaded with...
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    Anyone Here Use An Fc Twin?

    So, my girlfriends birthday is coming up and I'm thinking about buying her a Super Nintendo for her as she loves Donkey Kong Country. I went to my local used games shop though and they are also selling new FC Twin System's for about $30 cheaper than a used SNES. I was thinking about maybe...
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    What Music Software Is Available For The Gp2x?

    not sure what kind of music your tryin to work with, but you should look into beat maker for iphone/ipod touch as its only $20
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    ummm just back after a 2 year hiatus.. i think it might be a torrent of everything on
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    Just Found It!

    So i was unpacking a backpack I found under my bed from when I moved into this apartment near school forever ago and found a long lost friend! :wub: gp32_console :D haha I'd almost forgotten about it. I had gotten my psp and then soon after fell outta video gaming for a while and more into...
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    Snes Reviews

    Harvest Moon
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    Gammeboy Colour

    Check My GBC Round-UP Reviews under the reviews form
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    GP32 Gp32 To Mobile Phone (uk) Want To Make Some Money?

    Hey! I used to fish for Bass.. but not with drums ;)
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    Is It Just Me Or ...

    I agree. I used to check this place anywhere from 1-3 times a day, now I do the same in a month. but, I owe that to the fact that not much comes out for the GP32 anymore and I don't have or even really want a 2x. I think someone should hold one last gp32 competition to see what else the devs...
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    The Gp32 To Gp2x Crossover

    shit I love my GP32's stick and the whole thing in general. I got it a year and a half ago and it will be used forever
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    Tv/video Out Card

    Thanks guys I ended up getting a Radeon X300 from CompUSA for only $100 and so far it's been working perfect. It took me a little while to get my TV working with it but that ended up being because of a bad s-video cable. I highly recommend radeon to anyone else looking for a video card
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    I have a 6gb iPod mini that I bought last april. before I got that I had gone through almost six other mp3 players both flash and hard-drive based. So far my iPod is the only one that has lasted me longer than 2 months. And just for the recored, I DO skate and snowboard with my ipod w/o a case...
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    Tv/video Out Card

    I recently found the Sapphire Radeon 9200.. Any views on that?
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    Tv/video Out Card

    thanks i'll look into that. :) Anymore suggestions?
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    Tv/video Out Card

    Ok to start off, I know absolutley nothing about video cards. Anyway, my PC has a built in ATI Radeon Express card with a PCI expansion slot. I'm mostly looking for a card with TV-out that will work alright with amatuer video editing as that's really all I use this computer for. If your...