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    The Evolution of Video Game Controllers Poster, pandora is in!

    "Including every console ever" I don't see the GP2X. EDIT: Or the Commodore 64GS.
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    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    Right now I've got TISM (This Is Serious Mum) - Saturday Night Palsy Wait... it's just changed, now playing KISS - Rock & Roll All Nite (live)
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    Game reviews in 5 words

    Best game ever made - period. Worst Outrun conversion ever made.
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    What was the first game you serioiusly played on your pandora

    Giana's Return Pandora CC Pandora Currenty Playing a mix of Playstation, Angry Birds, and Cannonball.
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    It's the Final Countdown - OpenPandora Ltd have 500~ outstanding preorders!

    Except that it would take him Two MonthsTM for him to actually generate the number.
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    Class 10 SD cards worth it?

    Unless you're running an alternate OS from the SD card or constantly copying files to it, it's not worth the extra money. I'm using a couple of class 2 32GB cards and have no noticable difference in speed on the Pandora at all, wether playing games/emulators or watching movies. The only time I...
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    Release Cannonball - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine

    Thanks for the latest update. Playing with accelerate/brake on the buttons instead of right nub is much better. However, the setting does not save properly - when I exit Cannonball, next time I start it accelerate/brake reverts to the right nub, even though the control menu is set to analog...
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    Which GUI??

    You should give OpenBox a try. Personally I found Minimenu too confusing to use, and while XFCE is good, I found OpenBox actually feels more like making the Pandora a true handheld console while still retaining the computer feel of...
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    How do you use your Pandora?

    Oh look I'm back, possibly with a more sensible answer this time. Up until recently I've used mostly SNES, Giana Returns (completed), Angry Birds (almost complete), VVVVVV (completed) and more recently, Cannonball. I also watch the odd TV show from time to time too. As well as various emulators...
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    How do you use your Pandora?

    With my hands.
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    Pandora Boards Regulars

     Oh wow, I remember bunny from the early GP32X days. Time for Bunny to make a comeback and achieve world domination!
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    Pandora Boards Regulars

    I'm so into lurking on this site that I'm not even gonna bother posting in this thread. Hang on a minute....
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    Release Brogue

    When I first read the title of this thread I thought I was going to find a wrestling game starring Sheamus from the WWE. BROGUE KICK!
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    Release CPU stress test

    CC Pandora reporting in. I ran the test overnight, starting at 800mHz @ OPP5. It climbed up to 958mHz before reporting an error, and for the last 90 minutes has been running without error at 921Mhz. So I guess that's my limit. I may run the test next weekend at OPP4 and see what I get, as I...
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    Pandora PNDs I'd like to see...

    We definitely need a pandora conversion of that.