Batteries With The F200 From


Nov 11, 2007
mrsnature said:
Evidence includes the email they sent agreeing to supply the batteries :) Unfortuately the google cache has been updated so doesn't show the original offer anymore.

Obviously I'm not going to go to trading standards over 2 batteries - will probably cost me more on stamps than what the batteries are worth. However since it is only 2 batteries, I can't see why they're having so much trouble supplying them. Since they can offer £7 per order on the affiliate scheme, I'm sure it wont eat in to their profit too much.

Oh, and the CD I got didn't work either (but it's a copy of the archive so no big loss there :) )

lol, i think quite a few of the CDs have come out dud.

remember though, with the nice variety of issues the gp2x has, the batteries should be the least of your concern ;)

Yeah i was told that it looks like their burner is on the fritz, it was a nice thought to include it though how often would that be done with other companies?
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