Game Park Holdings, Korean Game Developing Association And Games Devel


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Mar 18, 2009
Game Park Holdings (CEO Bum Hong Lee) and
Korean Game Developing Association (Director Kwang Sam Kim) have announced on
Friday 11th that they have come together and agreed to develop the console and
GP2X software series.
By this agreement the two parties are working and sharing the ideas for
the SDK (Software Development Kit) which has been started by GPH.
The two parties, and Technology Developer (educators) are
really working hard to develop the standards of the SDK.
CEO Bum Hong Lee from GPH said
“By this MOU our Republic of Korea will bring out a Excellency software and
on April the GP2X Wiz will come out with a high quality of game software”
Director Kwang Sam Kim (Game Developing Association) said
“From all the difficulty they have passed GPH still brought a high quality of console to
Republic of Korea and by this I have given them a high score.
By this I was able to agree in the MOU.
Even though we will try all our best to help to develop most of the game contents.”
Let's pray together
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It really shows how childish I am when I sniggered at hearing the name 'Bum Hong Lee'. Still, I'm looking forward to the release of the wiz, and seeing what the developers can do with it :D
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