Gona Sell Mine And See What Happens.


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Dec 29, 2005
I'm thinking that if the joy-stick was indented (instead of rounded out as it is now), this might have made it easier to accidentally press and click? Maybe not. Anyone remember that old monster Atari home video game joystick back in the 70's? Forget thumb ache, that stiff piece of non-operational Hell would kill your whole hand and wrist. My how things have improved over the years. Although I can't really comment on the GP2X yet as I'm still trying to figure out how to get anything to work on it. I'm hoping that I might get to play at least one game by the end of 2006.


Jan 15, 2005
HAHHAAH, this is very funny.

Why people would post about selling a unit in a forum which is FOR the unit completely baffles me.
Thats like going to a guitar forum and saying "see you, im going to play piano now coz the strings on the guitar make my fingers hurt".

If you can see what i mean there :blink:

Not only that. but seriously! A PSP?!?! Are you kidding?!?! Looks like you have been had by the "crowd" again sonny! Psp, no offence to it, i like it and all, but its a joke really. Its one of sonys glamour pieces of hardware.

Whats funny is that Sony makes ITSELF obsolete! i mean, look at the evidence. I got a new sony walkman just 3 months ago, now its been outdone by another model! By themselves!
The psp is getting old very very soon. Fair enough, powerful games hardware.

But its BARELY the power of a ps2, the disc space is barely enough to sustain a full on game like resident evil 4. SO what you get is either games with average graphics and tonnes of gaming time, or a beautiful game with a short lifespan.

Not only that, but it runs down in about 3 hours! 3 hours! The new firmware actually STOPS you putting your own films on a gb memory stick! And you buy a umd film, of a film you can get a two disc edition on for exactly the same price!
Im sorry, but i dont think films like lord of the rings would be any good on the psp! Besides, it would run out of battery by the time you get to the end.

Also, take a look at nintendo. Its games and hardware are released to a target audience. Now take a look at the psps umd film choice. Its not exactly QUALITY! I mean, spiderman 2? They really are milking spiderman for what he's worth!

im not expecting films like OLDBOY to be released on psp, and it probably will never be. But i got in on avi, and im happy that my 2x lets me watch it! And i encoded it from my dvd, so i didnt even pay for it!

Im still going to go on by the way, if you LOVE sony and the psp, stop reading.

The ps3 is going to out do the psp, why? Coz the psp does good conversions of ps2 games. But then you are just going to get ps2 games in your hand, but then the ps2 games are going to be better!
The analog stick is a SLIDER! I mean, its not very enjoyable to use! Try doing a dragon punch with THAT!
And try doing a dragon punch with the psps d-pad!

I got my ps2 to do all the great games, metal gear acid? id rather play poker to be honest. I love wipeout, and i only like the psp coz of that. Grand theft auto is good, but nothing new at all, infact its a step BACK in the series.

as i said before, sony out-do themselves everytime. and i read somewhere that sony see's the psp like its walkman series, that it will be improved with every model. SO you WILL see better battery life etc, btu then also sony will continue to outdo themselves.
The ps3 is just about performance. If it was about games they would make it affordable, coz heck they got enough money! But they want to make the best performance. Thats all. Whether the best games are going to be on it is not up to sony.

Which is why im going on about this too much, the gp2x lives coz of people like us! I mean, the more of us who drop out, the more of us who dont develop for it means that the system is just what gph made it for!

We make it exactly what we want it to be. All in good time the gp2x will be the perfect unit!
If you want a system which plays games and films only sony want you to see then get a psp! Next to the ps3 the psp is going to be completely dated though...

I got my gp2x, and i also got a nintendo ds. The DS is a wonderful unit, i completely underestimated it. I havent had as much fun playing games in SUCH a long time.

But when i show it to people who like these "performance" enhancements. they go "ah, but the graphics arent as good!"
But thats all that counts?!?!

Does a joystick alone make you want to sell your psp? i dont think so!
There is more to this case about selling the 2x. Its coz its not the HOT NEW UNIT the world knows about.

My advice is this;

Dont read overly long posts!

Dont be suckered into buying a system which costs too much just coz its got good specs!

Dont not play retro games coz they are "OLD"

thats all i have to say really.

im outraged by people moaning about the 2x. this is the LAST post i am writing about this topic, this is why its so long.
Heck, people, if you want to get rid of a 2x DO IT! im not interested at all, i just get annoyed when people moan about things for no reason!

thats all, sorry for overly long post


Dec 17, 2005
Hey, if anyone else wants to get rid of an unbricked unit, I'll pay 40 cents on the dollar (It's used, after all).


Oct 18, 2005
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@GpDogg: I like your mentioning movie films..(I have huge - more than 300 - region 1 DVD libraries) .. especially about OLDBOY.. THAT was genious... :)


Dec 17, 2005
Not to mention I seriously doubt they're going to be re-releasing all my Anime (the good stuff, not the Disney/Ghibli crap) on UMD.

Hell, apparently even making new GAMES is beyond these people. ;)