Update Hatari 2.1.0

No problems at all here, played through the yummy Atari ST "Stunt Car Racer" and "Hong Kong Phooey" (lol)
Did not think of auto saving feature but may do so next times and report how it goes if any problems. :)
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Hi all :)
I´m afraid I have the same prob as @b_o_b (unintended rhyme!) : Classic CC here, current firmware. Played a good while through Stunt Car Racer, I had checked autosave long before quitting; later today when autostarting, I came to the TOS prompt and no further, with the correct disc being auto- inserted automatically tho; but no auto-start to the true meaning of the word; and manually starting the savegame brought me right to the Stunt Car Racer screenshot at the point right where I left, but no further, the ST was hanging from here, so had to start anew by full reboot, and no save.
It´s no biggie for me, I know normal save works ;) The fault may be at my end, I may try again with the UNZIPPED game of Stunt Car Racer AND also use a non-EmuTOS (which however has worked splendidly on all games I´ve had running so far).
Hi all :)

@b_o_b and @atari_afternoon: thanks for the kind words, it's really appreciated !

Regarding the saved games, the README file (in XFCE documentation menu) mentions saving games doesn't work with zipped files. Are you guys trying to save your progress from compressed games ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
Right, that´s indeed what I tried, thanks for pointing this out, will do unzipped games now and write back :)
I´m afraid I have no luck. Did both unzipped Buggy Boy (trainer version) and Stunt Car Racer st files tonight, all I can get after autoload is just the generic TOS prompt, with the "right" disk inserted. But no biggie, normal save/snapshot works fine :)
Hope 2.2.0 solves the autosave/start functionality as well :) They seem to have updated something regarding saving snapshots:
Improve memory snapshot save/restore reliability
Hi all !

@b_o_b : I also hope this new release will solve this issue :)

@SLiX : how about collaborating on the next Hatari package instead of duplicating each other's work ? ;) We could provide both SDL1 (stock + @notaz ' ) and SDL2 versions in a single package :)

Cheers, Magic Sam
Hi @Magic Sam ,

yes, it could be possible. I don't know if you already saw my changes to the Hatari source code, but they are here (sorry, I'm not allowed to post links...) : gitlab.com/slienard/pandora-hatari

Maybe you should have a first look at them to have an idea of what we can do.

Hi all :)

I have an Hatari 2.2.0 build almost ready on my end, but it needs more testing.

I'm thinking about pushing it ASAP to the Repo, then take some more time to commit everything to my GitLab repository (https://gitlab.com/sviscapi) in order to make the merging process with @SLiX easier.

Maybe @skeezix would like to join our common effort, since he started it all back in 2011 ? ;)

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Hi all :)

I managed to start the SDL 2.0 GUI yesterday evening, but I noticed some issues, like the font looking quite bad and distorted, and the mouse pointer being slightly off (I couldn't easily click on the buttons).

I tried several combinations of @ptitSeb 's gl4es options (LIBGL_FB, LIBGL_ES, LIBGL_GL, LIBGL_FBO) but to no avail.

I'll try again this evening with a more recent version of gl4es than the one in @ptitSeb 's Code::Blocks.

Cheers, Magic Sam
Hi Magic Sam, I really love the Hatari emulator on my Pandora :) I am wondering what the current status of that port is and if there's any chance to make use of the latest changes in the official project? Thank you very much in advance.