Release Hotfix 6 Alpha 4 released

What's the proper way to set this up for development? I've tried actions similar to torpor's bollocks setup, but when getting the -dev version of libgles-omap3 it breaks the library and GLES apps don't run. Is there another place to get the proper version? Am I getting from the right repository at all?

This might not be the right place to ask. But there are a lot of threads in the developement and supportsections.

Sorry, that does sound like a generic dev help question - I thought my issue was specifically with the new hotfix, but it probably does extend to any version that doesn't already include dev files. Thank you.
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Maybe someone could throw the drivers into a PND installer. No need to force wasted space on people.
* Include charging screen (i.e. if you connect the Pandora to AC when it's switched off)

I think you're charging screen should look like this, just more polished :p

Coloured in segments based up charge. Maybe white or gray for "uncharged" portions. And the square bit in the Pandora logo should always be the same colour to keep the perspective of the battery

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That looks kind of tacky. A regular battery with a Pandora branding would look better.
ED, just an FYI. . I'm totally tied up the next week I think, but hopefully some respite for a week after.. so nothing from me again this next week, but soon. I think the next set of changes will be my last for awhile though.. time is sure getting tight lately ;)


Need to figure out why repo hates the icon for Hatari .. it crashes on upload in ImageMagick :) (I've got a new pnd that has the <package> tags in place, but no love.)
Am I the only one who thinks the new hotfix runs noticibly slower (even when cpu speed is put back to 700mhz) the menu bar, midori 3.6 and the wifi just seems a little buggy to me. (pages won´t load, pandora menu doesn´t open, unless i minimise other windows and the wifi seems to disconect more)

Don't get me wrong it looks a lot more slick and is much more useable in terms of design, but i just found it more frustrating to use and so have gone back to hotfix 5.

Just throwing it out there to see if anyone else agrees


i agree it is somewhat buggy but having the charging software makes me use it

Im interested if sleep/wakeup is working in this hotfix or not.


Hi arcol, if you mean the 'lid-close settings' to chose between (screen off / low power / shut down) (?) then these seem to work just fine. You seem to have to reboot the first time you enable it (say first time choosing low power rather than just screen off) but thereafter any choice you make on the fly will apply as soon as you shut the lid.

I don't find the intended charging behaviour is working at all in my case though, unless there is again something that needs activating first I have missed in the menus.

In terms of it being buggy : (HF5 for me was totally unusable via NAND or multiple SD cards and re-installations, rendering all PND's usually unmountable, despite both PND versions and PNDstore PND useage would entirely wipe out the OS partition or NAND installation, so I stuck with HF4)

I was finding HF6a4 great to start with but there is a delay with the menu after exiting PND's as ESN raised. Chromium regularly has pages die and need killing (probably sortable by a fresh appdata folder for Chromium) and I am now getting occasional PND run Mounting errors, which if they occur, stop all other PND's from mounting thereafter until I reboot. Which isn't great when it occurs (could be SD card related but it happens on a variety of cards). Plus the charging script not working in my instance.

Otherwise and for an alpha release, it is very good and a massive improvement in my case over HF5 and HF4. The useability and functions of Pandora are getting better all the time, as is the software library growing daily with useful tools/games etc. Eventually it will all be an easy experience for anyone, with tons of stuff to lose time with.
Am I the only one who thinks the new hotfix runs noticibly slower (even when cpu speed is put back to 700mhz) the menu bar, midori 3.6 and the wifi just seems a little buggy to me. (pages won´t load, pandora menu doesn´t open, unless i minimise other windows and the wifi seems to disconect more)

Hm, I wouldn't know a reason why it should run slower. What exactly runs slower for you?

Midori 3.6? There's no Midori included anymore...?

Regarding the Pandora menu: Do you have the menu button covered by your window?

If yes, that doesn't work. It only works if the button is visible.
Can I add cron to the request list for the next hotfix? It's only 21K, there is no reason I can think of to not include it.
a Scheduled Task app would be better :)

cron can be easily installed from the angstrom repo - sudo opkg install cron
Yes it would and yes it can but it shouldn't have to be. cron is tiny yet immensely useful; a full blown scheduled task app is huge by comparison.

It's just one of those things you expect to be there on even the barest of installs.
combined with the wake-on-alarm I keep forgetting to get around to pushing to the kernel... ;)
Minor update but after activating the lid settings scripts, WizardStans charging script now kicks in properly in low power mode and eliminates any battery risk as was intended when overnight charging. Thanks for the work on this WizardStan as its a crucial function
Hi arcol, if you mean the 'lid-close settings' to chose between (screen off / low power / shut down) (?)

I mean suspend-to-ram. Ie. I can leave it for multiple day, and the battery still have some juice in it, and I can wake up instantly,

just like any mobile phone. (I expect better battery time, as there are no gsm to maintain while in sleep).

Its pretty much identical to a Nokia N900. And it can last multiple days if you dont touch it.


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At present then arcol, the suspend to ram isn't implemented, no. Only the low power mode (which has seen some improvement in efficiency) but still will not allow for more than perhaps 24hrs battery life and isn't instant wake, although its pretty fast. Its actually faster wake up when the lid settings are set for low power, than when you previously had to flip the power switch to the right to wake it up.

Proper suspend to ram is planned iirc aswell as further improvements to the low power mode, as there are still many services running that can also be switched off to gain more battery time. So it will get better when the few hands on deck have enough RL time to get further with it, or more coders that can help out get involved as numbers of units grow.
Will auto-screenlock be included in this anywhere? I'd like to have my Pandora login screen prompt for password if it hasn't received keyed input in the last X minutes. That or a manual 'lock' mode - maybe a key combination or switch to the left option or an option to have it go to the login & password prompts if the lid is closed?

Not security per say, but keeps the casual office snoop from getting very far.
Not sure if this is a Hotfix 4 issue, or just the Pandora in general - but getting the free Wi-Fi spots in NYC to work right is hellish. Some times it'll connect - show me the login screen, and refuse to load any more pages - some times my ZuneHD can browse, while the Pandora can't. But yeah - the WiFi on the pandora is buggy at best, so it might not be a Hotfix4 issue.