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Jul 18, 2003
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Hi there,

My name is Steven Craft and I work for Paw Print Games, and independent software development company, based in Chester, Cheshire UK. About a year ago, we ported a few of our titles onto the Pandora, however due to a firmware/driver issue we were not able to release, luckily it appears with the latest firmware/OS (well, version the issue has disappeared! The title is called KAMI RETRO and has already been released on several platforms including:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • WebOS mobile
  • WebOS tablet (Touch Pad)
  • BlackBerry PlayBook
It has received good feedback on all other platforms, including getting the coveted App Store Game of the Week (for both iPhone and iPad) as well as being set as one of the benchmark games and gaining entry to the Hall of Fame, it has also been Game of the Week on Android.

As stated, this is a commercial release, I have set the price point to be 1.99 GBP which is around 3 USD. The price point does vary a little between platforms and I hope the community are happy with the price chosen. In an ideal world I'd like all of our games to be free on all platforms and have as many people as possible enjoying them, but of course when running a company there has to be some goal of generating money, otherwise we aren't able to fight another day and release more titles!

The game is gesture driven, in other words you use the stylus to swipe the screen. You tap on the green entrance to release the KAMI soldiers, then swipe them up (to jump) or left/right (to change direction) with the goal of getting them to the red exit. There are various components to help you on your way (fans, springs, bounce pads, levers, etc.) but also various components that will need to be avoided! I know it seems a shame not to use the excellent controls offered by the Pandora, but as you progress through this game, you end up having to control multiple KAMI soldiers at once and it isn't a system which lends itself well to nubs, DPAD or keyboard.

The game is set over 5 themes, with over 75 levels, multiple playable characters and about 25 in game achievements.

More details of the game can be found on our website post here and I have included a YouTube video below of a couple of levels running on the Pandora (if you Google you'll be able to find many other videos on other devices of various parts of the game).

Please let me know if you have any feedback/problems, and all things being well, I look forward to bringing more titles to the Pandora in future.

EDIT : New build just uploaded (, it hopefully fixes the issue some users reported with the touch not always responding.

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I like supporting the commercial Pandora apps when they show up and this does look fun to play, so you got my money.

*Just brought it*
Wow, nice to see more commercial games on the Pandora and thanks for supporting the device wizh indie gaming awesomeness!
I don't really like touchscreen-only games, but at least this one has a good reason for it.

Looking forward to other releases! (preferably using the nice game buttons of the Pandora)

Thanks for porting this game to the Pandora, it suits our beloved handheld perfectly :)

5 achievements so far, 1st world completed, and jumping through the following two !

Bye, thanks again !

Magic Sam
Game failed to start until I updated to 1.51, no idea what release I was at previously, but it must have been ancient. Odd for a new 1-gigger...

Anyway, great stuff! I probably wont play the game a lot, but it was worth buying to support such endeavour!
Works fine one the 1GHz Pandora as well. Awesome looking, but I'm too stupid right now for proper jumping timing, seems impossible for me. Need to practice more :)

Thanks for that game, hope to see more coming soon :)


Is it possible to include commercial games in PNDManager?

I've connected it via API, so it would be great if I could download and play through the manager right away.

Buying directly through the manager would be even more awesome :)

Is it possible to include commercial games in PNDManager?

I've connected it via API, so it would be great if I could download and play through the manager right away.

Buying directly through the manager would be even more awesome :)

Seconded. Was thinking this as I bought/downloaded it... me wubb PNDManager. Should be built into the firmware IMO :D

Is it possible to include commercial games in PNDManager?

I've connected it via API, so it would be great if I could download and play through the manager right away.

Buying directly through the manager would be even more awesome :)

Well ability to download purchased apps is already in the client <-> Repo API and in the framework that PNDManager uses but AFAIK B-Zar hasn't added them yet as he is working on another project right now.

to purchase apps is out of scope unless paypal introduces a way to use their api inside the app some how.
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Okay, played it a bit, and I think there is some bug regarding the jumping in there.

Turning around works properly all the time, but to get the guy to jump, I usually do multiple strokes as fast as possible, which makes him react.

It's not a touchscreen issue, as I can clearly see the lines while drawing.

Also, the Tutorial also misses him. In the Springboard Tutorial, you can see the computer draw a line and the guy doesn't jump.

Is this happening for anyone else as well?

Great game, though, so if this jumping bug is fixed, it'll be perfect :)
Hi everyone,

First of all, wow I am very happy with all the positive feedback everyone has given. We anticipated maybe getting a single sale in the first day or two, maybe getting up to 10-20 over the following weeks, but it has actually done that overnight! So a few responses:

@milkshake thank you for your help; I have been talking to Milkshake for well over a year, about the potential for commercial software, getting him to help test builds when my device was being repaired, etc.

@notaz thank you for your help; again I have been talking to notaz since a long time ago about the glitch we used to have with input, he certainly made an initial fix for it and I would guess was ultimately responsible for sorting the problem! Also, with regards to the firmware/update, previously I was running a beta of Super Zaxxon, and recently tried which is when the input glitch disappeared, I didn't realise there was, I'll have to check it out!

@dsleaf67 I was a very early pre-orderer although I have had my unit repaired sometime ago, so I'm not 100% what model it is, but it sounds like the game should run nicely on all models of the Pandora, even at @600MHz, I have spent quite a lot of time optimizing the game to try nicely

@EvilDragon obviously we all have a lot to thank you for, so thank you! The issue you are reporting does not occur for me, and no-one else has reported it (yet at least), would it be at all possible for you to provide a video of the issue? Just to clarify, to control the characters, you have to swipe through the character, so to jump, draw a line that starts below his feet, and goes through him and above his head (I know some users thought you could simply draw a line anywhere on the screen, but this isn't the case, as further into the game you have to control multiple characters at once). The fact you are seeing an issue in the tutorial is very strange! If you do make a video, perhaps you could include this happening too?

Thanks to everyone, and I hope you enjoy the game! Please do report if anyone else has any issues so I can look into them.

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