Release KAMI RETRO [update/fix] commercial release

So around 50% more than my previous update on the 26th August, at this stage, it feels like it would be a hard sell for an indie to decide to come aboard the Pandora to make money (obviously a better title, that works with the native controls, may sell more copies) but just recouping the cost of the hardware is tricky, however for any developers that make games for other platforms and happen to be interested in the Pandora (and ideally own one) it feels like a nice little market to meet cool people and earn some beer monies! I ordered a Pandora on day one of pre-orders, so at the time releasing commercial titles wasn't even a consideration, so I'm not bothered about recouping the hardware cost (certainly it is a personal cost to me, not something passed onto Paw Print Games).

Thanks again to anyone that has brought a copy, I haven't received any proper bug reports, so hopefully it is working out for everyone.


It is tough, and I don't think it has to do with your title. You'll notice that your app is one of the top rated on the repo, up there with a bunch of emulators (ok, ScummVM is not an emulator but the sticking point is that it runs more than one game).

It's a small audience; the game of numbers sucks but had we double the userbase you would of course likely see double the sales. Ten times and I suppose you'd be reaching the level of incentive that indie developers would actually be interested in.

I don't know what needs to happen except that the world must hear more about the Open Pandora.
This is now number 2 on the repo.

People, try it out if you haven't yet! Support Steven Craft and Paw Print Games, this game is absolutely stellar.
Just bought it! Even if I have no time at the moment to play it..

I appreciate it if indie developers are porting their stuff to the pandora and they also need their revenue.
I don't know how many Pandora's are in the wild but I estimate 5000...

this game has had 61 sales now..

so it's sold to 1.22% of the userbase

although small it is a nice small chunk of it.
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@lemondragon @bismuthdrummer @grummelzwerg @loonie: thanks for the support! When I have a spare moment I'll do another round up of sales to date, as I think it is somewhat interesting information for other developers to see! I have to say, I'm rather happy to see 61 sales, never expected to make too much from the platform, but it is nice to see sales continuing to trickle in.

Thanks again!
It took me a while to update and test it. The fix works, I can finally play it, and it finally is a lot of fun! :D

Thanks for still supporting it!