NeoGeo X - A new NeoGeo Portable ( Dec 6 Release )

I really like the design of this, I really hope it's a new neo-geo handheld...
Anyone noticed that L1 is on the outside, but R2 is on the inside? That's going to be a tad confusing...
Holy Moly! :wacko:

You're right!!! This could be a hoax after all ?

That is suspicious. A shame, as I would gladly buy almost anything SNK Playmore put out...
Could just be a prototype? Design and build looks better than your average chinese PMP.
well I guess it was too good to be true. (Unless it's just a really bad prototype).
Huh, that would be a pity if it was fake... I wonder what kind of sick, cruel person would do this...
Huh, that would be a pity if it was fake... I wonder what kind of sick, cruel person would do this...
Someone with farrr too much time on their hands.The SNK Playmore site has no mention of it nor have they made any official response on the issue.
I'm calling fake!

You have to be the biggest CUNT I have ever had the misfortune to come across on the internet..................

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I'm calling fake!

The buttons read from left to right, so there's method to their madness. But it reeks of cheap Chinese PMP... Not that that's always necessarily a bad thing! Anyway, lending a recognisable name to a gaming PMP might be just what it takes to get it adopted by communities like us, and developed for.
How many of these handhelds can the market absorb/sell ?
I'm not sure. Folks were asking that shortly before the popularity of those licensed plug-and-play TV-game units waned, too, though, so perhaps there's an answer in that? :p

That said, there's probably a bigger market for impulse-purchase self-contained portable time-killer devices than there was for multi-game units for TVs that usually had far fewer games than these types of handhelds usually do...

And I think that Gadge might be onto something with his analysis that the attached name might prompt homebrewing types to run with it. Hopefully, if it is what I think it is (that being, a rebadged generic unit), that might also have the knock-on effect of opening up a selection of rebadged handhelds, too (the only thing that appears to differ between them is the d-pad and the arrangement of some of the buttons - the ones I named earlier in the thread, along with this one, all seem to share near-identical casings and mostly-identical layouts).
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shipping + no hdmi kills this deal.....wait, what? $800? are you out yo damn mind!?