Release Otter browser

I have some issues with QtWebKit (and last time I checked, I needed last version, but maybe it's worse now, and QtWebEngine is mandatory?)... I'll retry to build it latter.
Hi all,

@ptitSeb : thanks for having a look at it :)

Official news is out now:

1.0.01 release (01-01-2019)

First stable version has been released!

Not all planned features were finished in time, but hopefully at least some of them will make it into 1.1 later this year.

Most important changes since RC 12:

• some enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):

○ download dialog is now shown for tab that initiated it;
○ added support for handling requests to print page;
• many other fixes.

Known issues:

• new browsing history backend does not store favicons yet.

Cheers, Magic Sam
[doublepost=1546429128,1546419477][/doublepost]@ptitSeb : I think that QtWebEngine is not mandatory (yet):

Looks like it's only necessary if you decide to enable the experimental QtWebEngine backend.

On a side note, QtWebKit seems to be deprecated, in favor of QtWebEngine. There's a project aiming at reviving it though:

It also fits our use case quite well IMHO ;)

Cheers, Magic Sam
Please do not forget the OtterBrowser Video Plugins :)

Otter is with Palemoon my Favourite Browser,thank you for your Efforts and a good new Year from me to all here :D
Hey there! Is there any way to activate Javascript on Otter browser? I can't access my email account with it
It is already active, unless you are using maybe plugins that disable it, or maybe have a look in the domain properties (where are saved options like cookies/notifications/etc...), it could be disabled even there.

If instead the site needs more complex languages, like ajax, I'm not sure if they are all implemented in this version...

What is the site you are trying to use ?

Anyway you could help me to constantly ask @ptitSeb for an update :cool:

I tried to compile a more recent version by myself, but turned out to be really complex... I spent hours searching for documentations for every failing, I had to do manual modification to the code... and there are many components that must be also manually adapted...
things like these could lead to security leaks if you don't know exactly what you are doing... so after a week I resigned :(
Thanks for the fast reply! I tried to access my email account on, i can load the website, but it is'nt possible to insert the account name / password, it says, that i have to enable javascript. I searched for it in options of the browser, but did'nt find anything specific :-/

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In this forum, you shoud have a warning about disabled javascript at the top of the page, if those are not working, also clicking the "bell" of the notification alerts should not open a pop-up window.

I tried to go to with Otter on the Pandora, and visibly javascripts are active, there are working ads and effects that are not just html, then I tried to enter a random mail, and I'm stuck at a broken loading screen... the site definitely needs more than plain javascript.

One thing you should try, is using Otter Browser from the PC to access the same site, to see if the newer version is able to do the job, because in the end the browser itself is still a work in progress.
Also, I'm not sure if those are related, but activating the error console I see that a lot of javascript commands are not executed because they violate some "Content Security Policy directive"... that may or may not be related to not updated certificates...
Okay, so there is no way, to deal with it... Is there actualy a way to redirect all the emails? Or use any other software to read them? I mean, it is not necessary to use a browser, to read the emails, is it?

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There is Thunderbird in the repo, still is an old version but it's a proper mail client.

or you could try also another browser, Firefox, but it's huge and slow, and most of the time require a swap file to add some virtual ram to the device.
Oh, i could try that! Thx! Firefox? Nah, it's too slow on pandora. I have the old one

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Thank you! You reply very fast on everything ^^ that's okay, i guess. I will use another browser