Release Telegram

I finally got a chance to test as well. Even without NEON, the integrated video player plays my media just fine. Thank you so much!
No, the audio issue is an old issue, still open. Can't setup alsa to properly do that...
I wouldn't worry about it overmuch, it seems to be the least used feature of Telegram. I've only ever seen one person use it.
Hi @ptitSeb
there are many many new Features and Changes since the last Version.

The Repo Version is still working but a newer Build will be much faster too because
this Neon Errors in the FFmpeg Sources are fixed.
Have a working Mplayer Build with Neon Scalers working in my Panplayer PND :)

The older Versions of Telegram where builded without Neon Acceleration...when i renember right..
...because in that Time FFmpeg had compiling Errors with Neon Acceleration.

I would be glad when you can update The Version on the Repo...then we have
-Gif @Fullscreen and faster playing
-better Videoplay and more Formats for Videoplaying directly in Telegram,
..and many other new Features. :)

..and Telegram is Opensource....
..i use it on all:
PC,Mobile Phone,Pandora Handheld and others.
@Askarus mentioned his Interrest on this too.
@EvilDragon use Telegram too :D
Hey wow the Rescent Update have now an Youtube Player inside Telegram for play Youtube Videos without Browser :D
Hey wow the Rescent Update have now an Youtube Player inside Telegram for play Youtube Videos without Browser :D
Maybe. But the build system is completly new (it's a Gypi build that generate CMake build file that generate Makefile), and need to be adapted to work on the non-standard build env that is codeblocks on the Pandora. I'm on it, but it need quite some work.
Take your Time :D
Not hurry...but good to read that you are on it :D

My Video Recording System is broken and i need a windows10 combatible TV Card for my PC.
Hi,any News about a new Version?
The older Version is still working but the newer Versions have many more Videoplayerthings and when
anyone send me a Youtube Link..there is a Youtube Player Inside Telegram.
When anyone send me Links,there is a minimal Browser inside and the funny animated Gifs are working in Fullscreen on newer Versions.

The Build in Audioplayer is Nice too.

I do not know if it help you a bit but i compiled a rescent Mplayer..unfortunaly without Gif Support here:

And in the older Telegram Versions was FFMpeg Neon Disabled.
This FFMpeg Neon Problem is solved from them :-D
Hi @ptitSeb I have been using telegram recently (nice port, BTW, thanks) however, if you have the codeblocks dev cli open, you can't run it.

Using pnd_run, I can the pnd is mounted, runscript fails and pnd is unmounted. So, I interrupted the unmount and ran the script. Here's the results:
cp: cannot stat `/.Xauthority': No such file or directory
./Telegram: /mnt/utmp/telegram/lib/ version `ZLIB_1.2.9' not found (required by /mnt/utmp/codeblocks/usr/lib/

If I close the codeblocks cli, using exit and allowing the cleanup script to be executed, it still doesn't work. I need a reboot to get it working again.

Not a major problem, just thought I'd let you know.