Sorry, A List Of Gp32 Questions

you don't have to rename anything when using a card reader unless stated in readme of emulator. With card readers there is no 8 character limit.
mrdark posted on Sep 20 2005 at 12:54 AM said:
The other question is, is it an automatic interface when inserting an SMC? Meaning, when I put the SMC in the reader, does a menu then appear and I just drag my roms onto it, like that?

Your computer just detects the SMC like another hard drive. Just drag and drop files and folders into the designated directories on the SMC (which you can create and name by using the New>folder selection in windows). That is it. If everything was put into the correct place on the SMC when you put it into the GP32 it automatically recognizes it.
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Sounds great! It seems exactly how I hoped it would be, but I wasn't certain especially since everyone seems to be referring to an external piece of equipment when they mention card readers.

The lack of having to rename everything is good too, as I have way too many roms for that. Still, I don't know why using a card reader eliminates that need. Oh well, I don't have to understand it. Long as it works!
Well, I would rename some roms , when they are not recognized through GOOD database CRC, such as in Rlyeh's masterpieces, because otherwise you got those silly 8.3 DOS name with ~ ans such are annoying. (ie in Littlejohn, great Famicom/Nes emu, but cant recogniwe roms that well, because of that limitation)

You don't have the 8.3 name problem with the card reader, because the transfer in windows through the cardreader is kinda "automatic" as far as names are concerned, but the GPlink transfer proggie is limited to 8.3 names (maybe there is a newer version that support long names, but I don"t really care about it, only used it to load my bought gp32 games into the SMC, then RARed them and copy them with Cardreader)

To many "link errors" and such using my computer and the GP32 ...

Computer being Japanese, and GP32 being Korean there might be a clue there ... :lol: