Third Humble Indie Bundle


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Jun 5, 2008
The Third Humble Indie Bundle is now available for purchase.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Humble Indie Bundles are software bundles of a couple of games by independent developers where you determine your own price. The money you pay is distributed between the developers, charity and Humble Bundle Inc. (according to your own preference). These games (well..., most of them) are cross-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows) and DRM-free.
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Hahaha yeah, wait until HB7 for it to stop :lol:

But I'm still giving to charities IRL that take cash, and if anybody would care to share...
Too bad I can not find time to play the last *one* game I've bought (Beep! for Linux). Buying five more in situation like this is... err.. redundant.
There are still games from the FIRST bundle I haven't played. I bought this one anyway.
i'm with most of you, i haven't played all of the games that i have gotten from the bundles. Penumbra was too scary for me to play through. Cortex Command was really fun with friends in split screen. World of Goo was short but very well done. i have many more to play but it is nice to play them on the pandora. (gish, lugaru) i have all the bundles and now i'm going to have to get this one now too.
I would love to see VVVVVV (now written in C++ and SDL) on the Pandora.

We should pester Terry Cavanagh (or maybe just ask him politely) :p