Third Humble Indie Bundle

I did know :)
Of course you did. Sometimes I forget who I'm talking to sometimes. Sorry.

I retroactively make my "you" global and encompass everyone who doesn't already know, thereby making myself useful and saving face. Tada!
Wow, they just added 5 games from bundle 2 into bundle 3! I'm definitely going to have to up the amount I paid them, this is an amazing system!
Thank you. :)

Oh yay! Pity I don't have a CC though... If anybody would like to gift me a code, I'd appreciate it :)
How do I go about giving you a code??

When you purchase the bundle there is an option to "gift" the bundle, just select that.

I have bought all the bundles to date but havent played many of the games.
Thank you. :)

Hey, I'm doing this from a (really bad!) connection, using a cellphone as a modem, but I'd like to thank you, Sony :) Once my new ISP comes in, I can't wait to play some of the stuff in the Bundle :D
I bought the 1st bundle but missed the second due having too many bills at the time. With the inclusion of 5 games from the 2nd bundle this one was no a no brainer and I'm downloading as I type :)

Fantastic value.

PS Why are Windows gamers so tight fisted? ;)
I like to think that this is Linux gamers trying to send the message that they'd actually pay more for a native port of a game. I know I've bought a few games over the years which I would have paid an extra $5-$10 for the ability to play natively without buggy Wine or having to dual boot.