What Games Have You Finished on the Pandora ?

I wasn't much of a fan for the N64 controls. They were uncomfortable and the joystick always felt so broken.
Yeah, the controls are certainly... problematic at times. When the camera changes angle, your precision drops significantly with the stick. I see it as an ancestor of 3D platform games, so it's definitely flawed, but there were some interesting design decisions made back then in the game.  
Oh yeah! That camera. It would constantly get stuck or it wouldn't adjust the way I needed it to. Thank goodness we don't really see that problem anymore in games. :) Mario Sunshine really did an awesome job and Mario Galaxy (as far as the camera is concerned). Wario World had great camera controls. You could move them however you liked.
OK, beat Phantasy Star 3 in like, 3 days.

I'm back to Phantasy Star 2 for the moment, because I discovered something interesting.

If you have the Visiphone...and you can save JUST BEFORE a character goes up a level...and then you also use a SAVE STATE on that point where you're fighting the battle that will put the character up....

Did you know that the stats your charatcer goes up is determined after battle?

So, by using the SAVE STATE...you can get the max stats up every single level.  Don't like the stats, re-load SAVE STATE and try again.  Get a really good stat?  Save with the Visiphone, go back with SAVE STATE and try to beat the saved stat.  If you do, then re-save with Visiphone, else, re-load SAVE STATE again.

Until you're reasonably sure you have the best possible stat for that level.  then save with Visiphone and move on.

I think I am gonna manage a 500+ HP Hunter on this game...have to let everyone know what the final Level 50 stats end up for all four characters, but this is gonna be major ass-kicking, LOL!!
Finished Super Metroid. Some parts where cool, others were pretty uninteresting. 

Finished Grim Fandango. The pandora screen size makes it a little difficult to see some details in some situations, and the controls are as horrible as they were on PC (from what I remember from the demo). It's not bad, but I don't understand why so many people hold it so high. 
Fire emblem scared stones got Joshua with Natasha too:) need to get more of the series.

Oh yeah and Digital a love story... umm not much else.
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An update: 

DraStic / Time Hollow

DraStic / Ghost Trick

DraStic / New Super Mario Bros


I have a number of others in the process of being finished, too, but not completely done yet... :)
Finished Earthbound yesterday.

The setting changes from most console RPG, it's pretty wacky and I understand how the story can appeal to children (it does feel like a child's fantasy adventure), but after reading so many praises of the story and storytelling, I was expecting something a bit more deep or interesting.

In any case, I'm happy I could play this on a platform where I can use fast-forward/frameskip, makes battles and long walks much more bearable.
Diablo (Warrior)

Zelda, Navi's quest (100%, rank tourist)
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Megaman 4,5,6,7, X1

Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, Zelda 1

Castle of Illusion, Aladdin (SNES)

All for the first time... I'd been saving up a lot of games in my backlog in the years that I was waiting for my Pandora :)
-Broken Sword (scumm vm)

-Ace Combat 3 (pcsx)

-Dino Crises 2 (pcsx)

-Resident Evil 2, 3 (pcsx)

-Firebugs (pcsx)

-Profesor Layton 1, 2, 3 (Drastic)

-Advance Wars - Dark Conflict (Drastic)

-Another Code (cannot finish with drastic)

-some mame games

-Diablo (warrior)

-Starcraft (terran campaign)

Now playing Diablo with the sorcerer :)

And some more I don't remember.

Jagged Alliance 2 almost finish... Last part is terribly difficult

Update: how can I forget Metal Gear Solid... (pcsx)

All of them working perfect, jus for the record...
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Recently finished Mother 3. The beginning of the game was great, the writing was far better than in the previous game while still retaining some of the wackiness and charm. 

And suddenly it turned into the usual "go to the 7 dungeons", complete with the ice world/lava world/water world/etc. themes.

And then there was the evil bad boss.

Another disappointment.

And I'm still hoping to be able to go through Hell in Cave Story. So far I got as far as the third form of the final boss.
i didnt keep track of the time, but i think it was over a year.

1 is ok for the time. One interesting game aspect was HP goes up the longer you stay in a dungeon. So you work it up so you can go deeper.

2 is bad, plays like 1 but the quest and areas are horribly designed. Pretty much used a walk though on this to get through.

3 I liked this one, added a playable group and plays like a standard rpg of the time.

4 this one is also good, and of course added new gameplay for the time. Where you perform tasks to become the avatar in all of the virtues.

i think i like 5 the best, i like the turn based battles over the real time that would start to come with 6. Also mixes the 3d dungeons with 2d rooms.

6 pretty good, but i think the battles are weaker then the previous. Graphically nice, although i wish the view would have been larger.

7 graphically gorgeous, real time battles

Serpent Isle, ive actually been a little bored with it. Ive made it through the second town recently. Might get back into it.

8 messed around a little. My plan was once i was done with SI to setup Pentagram for the pandora.

9 ill have to play on my PC

If anyone didnt know all of these are on gog.com. There is also an excellent patch system that can bring the older titles to much nicer conditions (i.e VGA) without effecting original gameplay.

Another interesting fact is that i didnt have to map any of the dungeons on paper. I was either able to memorize the little i needed or i could use a map spell to see a map in game to get where i needed to go. Also there are spells to up/down. So really if i knew level 1 then i could get out.

Thanks to gog im also now working through M&M and Wizardy :) Those i have to map, which a bought a nice app that comes on android. So i play on the pandora and map on the tablet. I bought the famicom versions of the wizardy 1-3 and im playing my rom dumps in nes.emu. Finished 1 so far. Interesting fact of these games is that they actually come with switches for languages (japanese or english). I went with the nes versions since the dos versions sound dreadfully difficult (perma death), with save states I can bend this rule :)
Have you finished Ultima 8 on Pandora?. I've just discovered these games (thanks to your post :) ) and would like to try it.
1, 2 and 3 run perfect from start to end. I have not played the last (the spectre's call), but I hope it runs as well as the others.
Diablo (for the first time) - PS1 version... graphics aren't as good, but the controller support was really nice - that game totally holds up and is nice and short too.

Full Throttle... I wanted soo much to like it, but it's just not fun to play.
Diablo (for the first time) - PS1 version... graphics aren't as good, but the controller support was really nice - that game totally holds up and is nice and short too.

Full Throttle... I wanted soo much to like it, but it's just not fun to play.
Yeah, Full Throttle is very attractive with that humor and comic style graphics, but once I started playing it became very difficult and boring. A shame really...

Play Diablo pc (by Notaz) with mouse, if possible. It has nothing to do with the ps1 version. And though it is from 1996, on a mini pc like Pandora it looks amaizing.

Only thing I had to do was remap the f5-f8 keys to make them more accesible, they are very useful to play with the sorcerer, not so with the warrior.
Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire (on DosBox). I've played it when I was a kid, but back then I was mostly walking around and having fun with the (basic but efficient) crafting system. Turns out I wasn't missing much, the main quality of the game is the exploration. It's interesting to note how little role combat plays in this game. There are a few random encounters, a few mandatory battles and a whole lot of fighting towards the end, but you don't really care about EXP (you can level up but you can finish the game fine without doing it). Even the last boss goes down in a handful of hits. Compared to the focus on combat that many RPGs have, this is refreshing.

Some parts are a bit tedious, but I was expecting it to be less enjoyable for my modern taste.
Forgot to mention that I also finished Urban Chaos (PSX).

I had it on PC, but never got very far because levels can be long (at least when you don't know what to do) and you can't save mid-level. So if you got killed near the end you had to restart the whole 10 minutes mission, which got boring quick. Save-states on the PSX emu made it much better.

It was probably quite ahead of its time, but now feels dated. It still does a few things better than other games (hidden items and missions aren't visible on the mini-map so you don't have to hunt for them, they just come along (or not) as you follow the main objective), but has quite a few jumping puzzles that - even under the "urban parkour" dressing - are still stupid jumping puzzle (thanks again for save-states). Combat gets repetitive quickly, but it's mostly ok. The story surprised me and some missions made me wish they explored some ideas more than others. All in all a nice game, but I can't help but feel that it could have been much better.
Microbes finalized all default levels twice - last attempt I reached a higher score.

You can't finish this game but beat the Psycho Pinball - Genesis game (Psycho mode) default high score on the Psycho Multi Table 100.000.000. IMO one of the most entertaining digital pinball games with a built in score that is quite challenging.