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    Windows On The Nintendo Ds!

    Bugger. Well, thanks for the expert opinion Exo. While there are still helpful devs looking at this thread, I distinctly remember Exo mentioning that few emulators are optimized beyond the initial port and that the developers usually just find hacks. Is there any hope for significant...
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    Getting A Pandora, Is It Possible?

    CraigX is definitely not taking preorders anymore. There's a thread over at the official forums under the "Ask-Craig-Questions" section with Craig stating this himself.
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    I Thought More Shipments Of Pandoras Was Going Happen More Often....

    EvilDragon- Thanks for giving us the straightforward facts. I <3 you!
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    Current status?

    200 from 40 days?! That's less than 30 a week! I thought that we were promised roughly 200/week! Fuck. Excuse my language, but really: fuck. Not again. I know it means a lot to you all as well, but for me the Pandora is something I _need_ right now. I was bought it for my 18th a year...
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    Standard interfaces.

    Yeah. We definitely need a common set of interface conventions. Whether or not this should be forced is another thing. But may I suggest something- Give us an OS-exclusive button combination by default (remappable, of course). Like Control-Alt-Delete on a windows machine, I think that we...
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    difference between 1 and 2 batch

    Yes, I believe that this is true. Way back, there was only the one part- the OMAP3530. Then TI decided to bin them separately. Essentially TI are now separating them according to how they perform. What this means is that the processors the Pandora team originally were getting ranged between...
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    HF5 shouldn't have removed Pidgin.

    Please note that not only is installing from the repo experimental and unofficial, it is also becoming less supported. The repo is for the core Aangstrom version of linux, and now Aangstrom has updated their kernal version so there are OS-breaking programs in the repo now. Essentially...
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    difference between 1 and 2 batch

    OP is definitely not taking preorders anymore, although batch 2 was not entirely full. Essentially, they were losing way too much money on the preorders, so now they have decided to just stop taking them. I think the basic plan is to sell small amounts of premium units until the preorders...
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    Release qBittorrent

    Thank you! I have terrible upload speeds, to whenever I want to seed something back to a reasonable download:upload ratio I need to leave my PC running D: I've been looking forward to a nice, lightweight program for my future Pandora for a while now.
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    Any default sounds on the pandora?

    While we're at it- any chance of being able to configure the boot up screen, some time down the track? I know that booting the Pandora is such a small part of its usage, but somehow I feel like it would make it feel... more personal- more like my own system, I guess.
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    N64 For Android

    Any update yet? Anyone received a response from him? If this is malicious, I'd like it if the program could be taken down quickly, so that he does not profit too much off of a GPL violation.
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    Authoritative Source of Pandora Apps and Games?

    Hmm... is there a way of opening the appdata folder of a pnd by selecting it? Like, in a context menu.
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    pandora server?

    I don't know if you guys remember TINXL and POND, but those two projects already cover everything suggested in this thread. The creators of them have stated that they intend to continue to work on them when they receive their Pandora. If anyone has any news about either TINXL or POND I would...
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    Tisk Tisk Craig

    People, look- Multiple RMAs from one person? I mean, come on. The number of complaints and the "silent majority" mean nothing compared to that fact. From a probability standpoint this is indicating a very, VERY high level of failed units. And there is nothing to explain away this fact. Look at...
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    Any non premium people getting pandoras?

    Thanks for the update ED!