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    I Still Use My Game Park Machines

    Awesome!  I was using my GP2X Wiz today.  Played Temper and Cave Story :)  Always nice to fire it up and relax with some games.
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    Fba V0.2.97.24 For Caanoo

    There's quite a few games that are playable in FBA that are not added in MAME since it's based off of a really old build (around v0.36 or something). Also certain games like the Taoplan shooters are much smoother and require less overclocking. However FBA doesn't emulate certain games that are...
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    Bad News

    I do miss the old days of the forums. Hmmm...I wonder if Telcolou ever finished Kid Chameleon?
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    Bad News

    I think he's helpful for Jack...and shit! Not one god damn thing out of his mouth is helpful. Typical "I shit on everyone with an opinion that's different from mine" attitude.
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    Bad News

    The sad thing is that we are such a small community that there's really no business in it. The tablets and phones have sort of pushed the handheld as a gaming/app platform into non-existence. The handheld gaming side is already taken by the Big N and Sony. Those devices aren't open and never...
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    Bad News

    No, but you shall be locked to an eternity of embarrassment by every post you make.
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    Bad News

    Zodd's site is where I saw it first. Now that I think about it, I have no freaking idea why I was even at his site. I have never used anything he's made.
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    Snes Performance: Wiz Vs. Psp

    Not too sure where you're getting these percentages from. From what I have tested between the Wiz and PSP, the Wiz is way ahead in terms of speed. Almost every game OC'd to 760 mhz on the Wiz runs better than the PSP using 333mhz and PSP Accelerated +Accurate. No speed hacks were used in any...
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    Windows 98 On Wiz

    I miss the GP2X scene back then. Even now on the pandora boards it's like a ghost town here at the forums. Kinda sad. There was always something exciting going on.
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    Forgotten Words For Genesis...weird Problem.

    You know what's crazy? I own the actual Genesis cart. If you play that game on the Sega Nomad it will do the same thing. It will just go to a "game over" screen. I never understood why. It's one of the few games that will not run on an actual Sega Nomad. Kinda funny it's doing the same...
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    Snes Emulation

    I read the Caanoo has more RAM but the Caanoo's RAM is slower. So having more RAM is really not going to be a performance booster like some might think.
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    Pocketsnes 7.2.0 For Wiz, Caanoo And Gp2X

    It's an issue with the TV-out program. Picodrive does the same thing when using TV-out. It looks choppy as hell, but the fps is a constant 60/60
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    My First Wiz Not A Good Start.

    Can you at least get to the options menu in PocketSnes v7.1.0 fast? If you do get to the options menu make sure you have the audio hack turned off. Usually that is the case for quite a few games that go to a blank screen. Sometimes it's because of a bad rom. Some games you have to have...
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    Got My Wiz

    I love using Win2x. I think it's a very nice program. On my old GP2X i loved GMenu2x, but it has issues on the Wiz and it was never officially supported by the original author. Give Win2x a try. If you like it there is an install for it so it loads as the default interface. Also regarding...
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    How To Get Akumajo On Temper To Work

    Make sure your system cards folder is called "syscards" In your syscards folder the Super CD Rom v3 needs to be named "syscard3.bin" Also games will run better if you made your rips from a 1:1 copy from your own CD collection or from a downloaded bin/cue version. ISO/MP3 rips tend to have...