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    Vice X64 - Creating Keymaps

    Thank you! Those are indeed odd keysyms...
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    Vice X64 - Creating Keymaps

    I've been struggling with keysyms as well with vice64x. Could you point me to where you found xev? All I managed to find was xev.c and I haven't been lucky to compile very often. I appreciate it.
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    Vicex64 Issues

    I brought my Sid settings down to 22000Hz and it plays a lot smoother.
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    Pandora Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks

    Thought I'd post a success story here! I managed to write and debug a small silly C++ app on my home desktop in QT4 using Qt Creator 2.0.1 (wow, what an easy IDE to work with!) After I built it on my PC, I took a look at the Makefile it generated, added a $(CROSS_COMPILE) here, converted a...
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    Pandora Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks

    That seems to have worked. Also, by using --sysroot=$(SDK_PATH), I ensured that my own system's /usr/lib was out of the lib path (getting rid of the message "warning: library search path "/usr/lib" is unsafe for cross-compilation"). I'm wondering if there's a way I can test this library alone...
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    Pandora Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks

    I'm realizing you guys are probably busy developing and aren't necessarily wanting to help out a noob, but I'm really hoping to spend some time eventually writing my own stuff, or at least compiling other people's stuff. For practice, I'm trying to compile something which uses GLEW lib, which...
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    Pandora Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks

    Awesome ideas. It's getting easier to use every day! Would you also recommend pre-pending $PNDSDK/arm-2010.09/bin to the path?
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    Pandora Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks

    Is there a recommended as well? It seems sebt3's from earlier is pointing to the paths off root, or the paths don't match the newer SDK. I've had to take out many $TARGET_SYS here and there. I'm just not convinced I should have been using that one. For instance #export...
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    Pandora Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks

    Noob here. Well, from a Linux perspective anyway. My background is with Visual Studio on the Windows platform. I was pretty excited to play with Code::Blocks. But cross compiling is one thing I haven't yet had much luck with. I'm excited to try this method. So far I've tried a few...
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    Mame4All Not Supporting Most Of The Roms I Tried

    When I was fiddling, a black screen simply meant the equivalent of "ROM not found".
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    Vice Help

    Obvious, no. I got my C64 in 1985 or so, and we never had that option. So I was stuck with the old methods in my mind creating a mental block. It's a good idea. Back in my day we didn't have no save states and had to walk to school in 6 feet of snow, uphill both ways! I've got a...
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    Two Masterpieces, One Picture...

    Now all we need is Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael.
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    Nand Full

    Have people had much luck in using file system overlays, as described here, or specifically here?
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    Conspiracy Theory

    If EvilDragon was part of the NWO, the Bilderbergs, the Illuminati, he would have allowed, nay, FORCED the LCD cable NOT to be shielded, so that your every activity could very easily be tracked. But instead, he went ahead with the shielding, a.k.a. the tin foil hat.
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    Pandora Tops 1000 Boxes

    There's "bought" and there's "received". Over 4000 have been bought (wait: has 2nd batch preordering begun?). But for the common layman who hasn't been following this whole saga, I suppose that the expression "1000 purchased" is an appropriate simplification.