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    This Forum Seems So...

    GP32 days were awesome.. I remember some of the flame wars that kicked off (craigix vs the French stands out in memory). Classic! I never got into GP2X and once my GP32 blew up I guess I more or less stick to Off Topic.
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    Travelling Round Oz - Suggestions

    I did exactly this a couple of years after Uni in 2003.. Aussie working holiday visas were a lot harsher back then - you could only work for 3 months at a time - these days I believe its up to 6 months in any one job. To get the visa, just apply online and it goes to your email. Print this off...
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    Post Your Desktop

    nope its xfce..
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    Hiding Virus

    Follow the advice above and then to verify you're clean do the following; Have a look in the Windows\PreFetch directory, this is usually where the tell tale signs of a virus hide out.. also delete any Restore Points after the date of infection as this will bring back the virus. Use wireshark to...
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    Post Your Desktop

    You probably need to install the nvidia drivers outside of X to get them running correctly - e.g. Control+Alt+F1 to a text terminal and then install the drivers through apt-get.. following this edit the xorg.conf file to the settings you need (you will need to google for the settings required)...
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    Post Your Desktop

    Been a while since I've been floating around gp32x.. here's mine! (Conky+OpenBox+Debian CrunchBang)
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    How To Stay In Touch With People When Using Linux ?

    You probably need a Java Softphone of some sort? I use a CISCO one myself, but there must be an opensource one around somewhere.. I do know that you can make and receive SIP calls from a Nintendo DS hooked into a WLAN (not tried it yet)
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    Ipad: What Do People Here Think Of It?

    I've been using my mobile (crappy Sharp TM100) for the last 7 years and see no need to change it. It does what it does - e.g. talk and txt - Iphones, Ipads, Iwhatevers seem to be all the rage - but for all the e-waste it produces from continually upgrading just so people can be on your arsebook...
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    Do You Use A Gnu/linux Distro On Your Main Computer?

    I use a combination of Fedora 12 & Mint 7 mostly. Looking forward to the releases coming up shortly. Also have FreeBSD/xfce, but wish it had more support - the linux "layer" is a customised version of Fed10!
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    Anyone Rolled Their Own Linux O.s?

    I recently installed a base FreeBSD system and configured it from there.. e.g. choose desktop [XFCE], window manager, wifi, etc.. no sense in re-inventing the wheel if the base parts work ok. Your xorg.conf file will need a fair few monitor types and resolutions etc listed as well as...
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    Gp32X - 419 Killers

    Here's an idea.. setup a web cam conference with them to wire the money across and then send the url for some dodgy p0rn giant dildos-while-you-watch; that way you're giving them the shaft (quite literally) and a rick roll at the same time.
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    The Apple Ipad Had Landed

    I guess you would need an iPlankofWood if you wanted to prop it up and watch movies in bed.
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    Avatar And Other 3D Movies

    I think Avatar has brought the movie industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Thats how it should be done.. the last 5 movies I went to with GF were all utter crap. (esp. couldn't believe how lame the Adam Sandler one was.. ) Only fault with Avatar was the horses.. they just...
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    Problems With Grub2

    are you able to downgrade to grub v1.5? I'm using that at the moment and find it very easy and stable to use. Also I guess check to see if Start Up Manager is in the 9.10 repos??
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    The Evolution Of Ken Silverman's Game Engine. Used For Dukenuken3

    Great link!! Takes me back.. loved Shadow Warrior. Especially the nuke :P
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    Bad Karma

    FYI - just found out Karmic doesn't work with xbmc.. so sticking with Jaunty :) Kubuntu sucks because they still haven't fixed the network manager on the live cd - don't download if you're expecting wifi out of the box!
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    Bad Karma

    Always do a fresh install! Upgrading any linux distro not just Karmic usually ends in disaster for me.. also recently I've found installing the latest graphics drivers while having X server running is a big no-no too.
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    Geocities Is Being Removed!

    I suspect it will still be around on the Internet Archive and maybe Google cache for a bit.. what will they do with the free-ed up space?
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    Which Linux Distro To Go With?

    Hey skeezix.. I would echo absolofdoom's comments and suggest Sabayon Linux if you want Gentoo as a base and KDE sitting on top. As for me I'm using Mint - its the most productive linux distro I've found and takes no time at all to setup. Uses Aptitude / APT for repositories, recognises my ATI...
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    Please Help Me ! Its Not A Joke

    I use an unbranded developmental build of FF called Shiretoko - seems to work fine, although get problems sometimes when websites don't recognise the user agent.