Another Humble Bundle :D

yes, but you only get the frozen bundle if you pay more than "x"...
SpaceChem now added to the bundle. It is now actually a bundle instead of just one game :p
Actually, TRAUMA was added before SpaceChem, so SpaceChem is the third game added to the bundle!
TRAUMA doesn't get any money from the bundle. It's a bonus freebie. When stores put on a "buy one, get one free" special, I don't consider that I bought 2 things, I simply bought one and got a second one free. :p
Oh, SpaceChem is an excellent game, I cannot recommend it enough. I actually despise Chemistry, but SpaceChem is an unique, clever and well-made puzzle-game, which got me hooked and interested in the field again.

I say, if you have not gotten it already, get it now!

Well, I got to play the tutorial of FS now, too, to be ready for some forum wars ;) (it's not helping the Binding of Isaac just got out, too).
But then they'd be offering games in genres that other people don't like. :p

Can't please everybody, but with their rotation of indie games they're doing a pretty good job of covering most interests. And considering the price (whatever you want, $1 probably covers costs) you can cheaply experiment with entirely new genres, and not feel bad if you decide you didn't like that particular game.

What genre are you looking for?
I like platformers that aren't obsessed with physics (I don't consider physics an interesting gameplay mechanic unless it's mixed with something else), puzzle games, action-adventures (think Zelda and Metroid), shmups, bullet hells.

The only indie game that's ever really captivated me is Cave Story. More games like that would be amazing.

EDIT: Let me clarify that I have nothing against the concept of indie games. The little man should be making more games! I'm just waiting for games to come out that appeal to me. :p
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^ Lugaru is brilliant. It was in the first bundle (I bought it at full price after the bundle ended, though, once the Pandora version became available), and I would highly recommend giving it a look. :p

It's an action/combat game with FPS-esque controls (I set up a good equivalent when I grabbed the Pandora port, too), ragdoll physics (which fits in really well with the combat), and some really quite good AI (for example, some foes will actively seek out backup, others may notice their buddies being attacked and come after you or sneak up on you, and so on - being smart is rewarded, in such scenarios).
(it's not helping the Binding of Isaac just got out, too).

I know, right? I was waiting in anticipation for Isaac to come out on the release date when I get word that another Humble Bundle was already up! So I did the logical thing and bought both on Day 1. ;)
Bumping for another Humble... uh... Alpha.

The Humble Bundle seems to be stretching even further. Am I the only person who saw the original bundles and thought "this is great, indie developers better at code than marketing getting a good chance to sell their games."

Surely there are many indie devs out there that still need the same kind of help, right? If Voxatron wanted to sell an alpha, all they'd have to do is set up a paypal account and Notch would take care of the rest, they don't need the help the Humble Bundle guys provide :(

Or maybe I read too much into the ideals of the first two bundles and it's really been "we want money" the whole time. :(

(That being said, I've been following Voxatron since Notch first tweeted about it and I am SO buying this)
What, already? I haven't even tried the previous one yet...

A single...alpha....damn... I have a hunch that the next humble bundle will sell a trailer.
and from the sounds of it, a new "bundle" will be out within another 2 weeks. or at least thats what the video claims
I didn't see that in the video. Video said this offer only lasts 2 weeks, after which Voxatron goes on to being a full price game at $15.
If the default is used, the dev gets a little more than half. Can't find the history on previous bundles, but I doubt many people changed the defaults
Meanwhile, a month ago...

Not complaining, but yeah... the next one probably needs to return to the former glory of bundles 1 & 2 if they want the Humble brand to stay strong).
*sigh* oh well. I have to agree with WizStan, this feels slightly like the piss is being taken. Of course they will add another title in the coming days, and perhaps one of the previous bundles for the benefit of those who already bought the previous bundles. Too cynical? :p I'll sit this one out.