How To Order

There seems to be a problem with the preorder site. I managed to go through all the steps to pre-order, but when I returned to the site the basket on gbax hadn't been emptied! I'm confused, I got all the messages about the order being safe and a confirmation email from openpandora sales, surely the basket should be empty?

I just ordered from the US and Paypal was not an option on the final checkout screen, but was an option from the GBAX form of payment selection. Why is that? And is this something that can be adjusted at a later date like when the item is shipped?

The Dev fund was not an option either? Will I still be able to contribute?

I am still excited I got one!


You, sir, have made my day. I thank you from the bottom of my wallet.
I received the pre-pre email, but no email today, luckily I was watching the boards and saw the thread.

No option for developers fund that I saw either. Hopefully this is something that will be implemented at some point.
-edit- went back to contribute to developer fund seperatly.. it added crazy shipping cost....guess I'll have to try later if / when this gets resolved.

:p happy, the fun of waiting and watching begins...

Relief and excitement having ordered!! Pandora + donation + tv out in the bag :D

Given the extreme slowness of the server (and this forum) I'm guessing the 3000 will sell out pretty quickly.

Now the real count-down starts...
Order placed on !!!

Some questions for Craig:

- as other pointed out I could only give my card address: is this OK ?

- will we receive a confirmation e-mail ?

- will it be possible to add a case and a TV cable to the same order, thus saving some € on shipping ?

Thanks a lot in advance.
I was in too much of a hurry to get the TV-Out in the same order.

How can I make it part of the same order? I don't want to pay shipping twice.
I made it but does gbax allow you to change your order, I kind of regret not adding a video out cable.
Why can't I choose PayPal? I've got money in my account and I'm ready to go!
However, if I select the 'Europe' site, I can't choose to pay using PayPal, if I instead select the 'Rest of the world' site, I can choose Paypal, but then I can't choose Sweden!
Come on, don't you want me to port my Vectrex emulator??? :p
Excellent. Ordered Pandora + TV cable :) . Kudos to all involved. I assume I'll receive it next week? ;) :p

No confirmation email yet, but I guess the servers are a little loaded at the moment :D

Currently sitting in the departure lounge of the airport off on business to Finland, so I'm glad that I was able to get in on this!
I pre-ordered mine about an hour ago, but couldn't get anywhere near these forums to post anything. I didn't get a preorder email either, but I'm just glad I have mine reserved.
ok, ordered from, no confirmation email yet, but I got this on check out: "Everything worked. Your order is safe."