It's the details that take longest (Part 2)

Maybe, they kind of made the grand father of the pandora. You could install any os on it, including an X11 distro with usual Linux software.

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I say give Sharp a chance, and try out their screen! I had a Sharp TV, and the picture was very nice. If their LCDs are the same quality as their CRTs, then it should be nice!
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As I'm planning to draw on the Pyra, I expect the best possible screen no matter the size or price. Well, I don't want a 10" for 2000 bucks, but you see what I mean.

If Grench's Sharp is the one expected, then it seems quite good for photography and all. I think most of us would rather have nicer colors than 10 minutes longer battery life.

Please take raw specs into account when choosing the screen.
Where will the MIPI connector be located? Will it be on the main board, or the SoC daughterboard?
Oh yeah a 5,2 inch screen would be good for my eyes health. Also the way a bigger screen almost fill all the space looks cool.
Thanks for the additional details about the LCD cable.

I feel it is good that an LCD manufacturer wants to support the project, and their work on a driver shows that they may be more supportive of the Pyra and future devices like this.  I would accept waiting another 2 months, and pay a little more, if they are going to help out with the Pyra on their side.  Battery life is always a concern.  I really like the idea of a company that wants to be involved with the Pyra providing a critical component.  Also, slightly larger display?  Yes, please!

Those who are concerned about Sharp, I highly doubt a large company will want to take over the Pyra, and if they do it will probably only be Pyra in name.  If this were the type of device that they felt had mainstream appeal others would be making something like it.  There are very few, if any, smartfones that have even a physical keyboard being designed and manufactured as a part of them anymore.  The last device like the Pyra didn't exactly move a lot of units.  Sure, cost is a factor there, as were some other issues, but if it were the kind of thing the average gadget person or gamer was interested in I think sales would have been significantly higher.  People seem content with their Android, primarily touchscreen, devices.  Also, if Sharp did try to take over the Pyra, that is a win for ED and, as long as they stick to a pocket sized Linux device with integrated physical keyboard/game controls that is unlocked and bootable via SD, for us.

Back to the other LCDs.  If they are chosen, will BOE (or whoever sent the touchscreen samples) be adding the touch layer to the displays before they are shipped for Pyra assembly?  If so I suggest keeping in mind that the samples that were sent to convince you to use their product were not done properly.  If they are shipping samples of low quality what is to be expected when larger numbers of production displays are needed?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Success display when it arrives, even if it is "I prefer the other one".
Agree with the sentiment that the Sharp screen would be a great choice.   But performance and support from the vendor should be high on the list of factors in deciding.  

Clearly its good news that Sharp wants to push their screens (which from what I've seen are generally very high quality) and the initial contact appears very constructive.  It doesn't really surprise me that vendors are interested.  It's someway an affirmation that they are reacting to the pedigree of people working on this and the track record and infrastructure of the Pandora.

Also agree that the bigger screen would be great.

I say give it a solid test and negotiate hard with whichever vendor you choose!
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And Sharp is interested in getting their display into the Pyra - they even tried to code an OMAP5 display driver for us, so we'll test their LCD as well.

It's 5,2" instead of 5", so we need to check whether we can fit the LCD into the lid without changing the size, but I think it might JUST work.
Nice, hope this works! It is only .5 cm more but every mm increase of screensize is welcome. That a big company like Sharp is willing to spend resources on such a niche product is interesting.
Was already talked about if the Screen will be non-glare? I'm pretty sure it will but how about scratch resistance? Gorilla-Glass-like stuff may be welcome. :)
Resistive touchscreens generally rely on the user pressing a flexible conductive layer against a rigid conductive layer, making an electrical connection.

If you wanted glass, it would have to be between the touch-sensitive layer and the LCD, defeating the point of the scratch-proofing.
Well, you wouldn't scratch the expensive lcd itself but only the cheaper touchlayer.
You can theoretically change the touchlayer on the Pandora LCDs, too. You need some skill though.

It isliterally just glued on at the edges and has a separate flat cable.

It would ve even easier if it was glued on a glass then on the lcd directly.