No reason to bash (2010-12-15)

I will keep supporting the project, through series 1, and then 2 for a bit of profit and then further as well. I hope, that after this, having learned form all the mistakes and situations, a Pandora 2 can be made, with the newest of new new technology, ready to pump up the pace even further and make a lot more things a reality :)

I don't think I'd buy it, because at that point I'll be a bum, but I will support it as best I can because I just love love love the idea of such high grade, open source, open hardware technology that isn't made by money grabby multinationals.
hello all,

first post of a lurker here :)

I will keep supporting the OpenPandora project. Something like that is bound to goes through problems, and I think that OPT does a fine job.

Also, I have to say that, IMHO, bashing CC is utterly pointless. They are on the job, no point to criticize them now.
Including you about that subject. :p
Indeed ;) What I actually really meant was that it's impossible to grab the objective reality because it all comes through our perceptions anyway (so fundamentally subjective), and something becomes "the reality" only when enough people think it is. But anyway, it has nothing to do with the topic.
Well, I'm trying to be patient. I really am.

But it's now nearly a week since Trey visited CC. And nearly 2 working weeks since CC got the nubs for the boards.

ED - What have they done in this 2 weeks? Do we have more boards ready? Any shipped? A new schedule perhaps?

The suspense is killing me...
I've noticed that usually ED and even other members of the team like to hang out at these forums and post and now they're gone... I wonder if that's because they hate the monster they created and are now just praying if they ignore it enough it will go away.

I'm not gone :)

I just catched a cold and had to recover for a few days, now catching up with the work that has been lying here :)
Sorry about my long post. I just had a moment where it felt best just to say what I was thinking. Sorry if I came off like a psychologist or something. I wish I were in college cause this whole journey could make for one heck of a thesis.
That's not why the world financial crisis has happened.

This isn't one lie. This isn't like telling a costumer you have all their parts ready when you don't, then rushing around to get them finished before they notice. This is (at least) four months straight of lying.

I don't know what industry you work in, but in any of that the industries the company I work for supplies, this definitely wouldn't fly.

Lets say Maytag asks some company to make a fancy gizmo to put in their washing machines. That company will have engineers design it, and make prints for each of the individual parts. If that company comes to us to make parts for them and we say "yeah, we'll have all the parts you need in four months", they'll tell Maytag that they'll have gizmos dropping off the assembly line in four months. And in the mean time they'll start setting up equipment, ordering parts from other suppliers, and possibly hiring additional staff. But not looking for and setting up contracts with alternative suppliers for the parts we're supposed to be making, because every time they check in we say "yeah, were making them right now, we've got a pile of them right here in the shop". So if after four months, when they're ready to start producing after pouring piles of money into this project, we say, "Just kidding, we didn't really make your parts", then like I said, all hell would break loose.

Look at a car. It has thousands of parts from suppliers all of the world, yet auto companies keep churning them out, with out ridiculous two years delays. Do you really think that would be possible if the companies involved did this kind of thing "all the time"?

So no, this kind of thing doesn't happen all the time. It's rare, and when it does happen, it's a very big deal. Actually the fact that this is so ridiculous is why I have doubts that it actually happened the way it's been reported here (that and it appears ED is getting all his information second hand). CircuitCo is a a little company in Texas, competing in a market dominated by cheap Asian manufactures, I have a hard time believing they would have survived this long if they made a habit of this kind of behavior.

If OPT isn't 100% certain that everything they posted so far is absolutely true, then they need to do some serious damage control. The first step would be deleting both of these threads, and word-filtering "CircuitCo". That may seem pretty drastic, but libel is pretty serious.

On the other hand if everything ED has posted here is true, then I see no reason to call anything other than what it is. They lied. If putting that out there loses them business, then I guess that's a few less struggling companies whose trust they can betray.


I've been following this project for a long time. From long before I started posting, and before the first batch of preorders even started. I saw all the delays and setbacks, but I really wanted it to succeed because I liked what OPT was trying to do. When Craig was asking for investors, I offered to invest $3000, because I wanted to help make this happen. But with this latest turn of events, this is the first time I thought this project was most likely going to fail before this even finishing the first batch.

Not that this setback was much worse than the others, it isn't. The problem is that it's the same setback. Save for natural disasters, it's always been suppliers not living up to their own claims, jerking them around, or just generally saying one thing and doing another. Yet OPT reactions is always to push the deadline back Two Months and keep down the same path. How much did the antics of the case manufacture alone set this project back? Yet they're still the sole suppliers of Pandora cases.

A little over two years ago, my boss, and the owner of the company, made a really bad business decision. And as a result we went from two shops and 20 employees, to the middle of last year when he was working alone in a shop with everyone else laid off. This year was the second best year in the history of the company. That's how you run a business. You learn from your mistakes, and you course correct. You don't just keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Well that was a lot of words. If you made it this far, then I commend you on your attention span, but I would suggest better reading material. If you didn't, well, then I guess you aren't reading this. As I said in another thread I'm no longer interested in investing money in this project. But, I also don't think I should invest anymore of my time in watching its "progress", so I think I'm done with this site. If one day I, or my children, or my children's children happen to get an email confirming a Pandora shipment, then great. If not, oh well.

ED, thanks again for replacing my LCD cable when my Pandora wasn't under warranty, and wasn't even bought from your store. Stay golden.

I'm still very patient about waiting for the Pandora...but I agree. Everyone here in the US is "shocked" that we lost our manufacturing sector...but this IS a prime example why most companies prefer to manufacture outside of the US...including most of our own companies. We've become a lazy society from the top down and it shows. It's sad really. I got my work ethic from my grandparents and I feel most people my age in the US don't know what hard work is. lol oh well...we just need another depression to teach us all a lesson again.
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EvilDragon, will there be an update on progress soon?
I second this question. They claimed they could produce about 500 boards per week. So there should be about 500 - 750 or so boards ready by now.

What's going on guys?
I second this question. They claimed they could produce about 500 boards per week. So there should be about 500 - 750 or so boards ready by now.

What's going on guys?

Unfortunately, I haven't been given any updates yet.

I didn't have the time to ask multiple times though (due to spending some time recovering in bed) and couldn't call because my voice was more a whisper than a voice ;)

I'll try to work more on that next week.
Unfortunately, I haven't been given any updates yet.

I didn't have the time to ask multiple times though (due to spending some time recovering in bed) and couldn't call because my voice was more a whisper than a voice ;)

I'll try to work more on that next week.
Get well and have some rest, that's the most important.
I say follow these rules:

If you're within the next 250: you might see yours in the first half of January.

Everyone else from batch 1: we might see ours by the end of feb.

Batch 2: maybe between march and April.

Everyone else: two months

Those are my guesstimates based on the current situations and best case scenarios.*

*nb: all guesstimations subject to change. Sugar_Kane reserves the right to deny all knowledge of this post if quizzed.
I'll try to work more on that next week.
No problem. I was down with a cold myself last weekend. Just take a good rest first.

Where's Craig lately? We so rarely hear from him these days (except for his...interesting... twitters).
regardless of what some people say/think of craig, i say we need him back on these boards, plus he provided some funny xmas videos


There. That's a line drawn underneath it. :)

Boards are being built, the nubs work, OPT are still flat out, so let's all have a happy Christmas and see what we get in the new year...
Here! Here! It's the season of good will. Let's move on.

He totally looks like Tony Stark. I have been saying all along the nub company deserves our combined forum hatred at this stage. :)


okay I concede Zorg


but raise you


..loving the slogan. Sounds like something we could have used for this project. :p