Beta OpenSSN 1.4

Magic Sam

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Aug 10, 2007
Innsmouth, MA
Hi all,

After some work (see here:, I finally managed to port Jesse Smith's OpenSSN 1.4 to the Pandora:
OpenSSN is a submarine simulator (sometimes referred to as a subsim) for modern classes of submarine. The player is able to pilot their submarine, detect vessels and engage enemy ships. The game focuses on the tactical aspect of commanding a submarine, leaving many of the minor details up to the AI crew.
Grab it on the Repo while it's hot !

What's new in build #1 ?

- Jesse Smith's OpenSSN 1.4 (May 22nd, 2013)
- Compiled with @ptitSeb 's latest Code::Blocks, debug symbols ON
- Uses @notaz ' improved SDL for fullscreen mode
- SDL mouse cursor has been removed
- Sound effects are enabled
- The manual is in the documentation menu (XFCE)
- Source code is in src directory


- Add modified source files to the package
- Recompile with all optimizations
- Make sure the game no longer segfaults
- Enlarge text size (mission objectives are barely readable)
- Resize the icon ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
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