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The new beta of the codeblock PND is uploaded. If it works fine, I'll upload it on the repo, so for the few of you still using it, please update and test it (the old one is still availble if needed here)
Will try and look at it by this weekend. Thanks, man!
Thank you for the update...i'm still struggling to recover all of my files...from a disaster that i have done when i changed my modular power supply (i didn't know that power cables where not "standard" and NEED to be changed when you change power supply from another mark).
@ptitSeb: I downloaded the pnd using wget on the pandora, (url: and renamed my old one. Then put this in the right place (media/[myvolume]/pandora/menu/codeblocks.pnd) and opened the dev command-line.

The version of gcc is 9.1.0 and the PXML says 2.5.0 build 16.

Have I done something wrong along the way? MD5 for the pnd is: 4b80001a15f09964b22764106b7e8cf0
This is the correct md5sum, but the PXML should mention

Maybe the old pnd wasn't unmounted before you overwrite it. Try to reboot the Pandora?
Seaching the PXML here I can't find the string anywhere in it. According to the description tag it ships with gcc 11.2.0, but I can't run the executable on this system, so I can't confirm that (strings shows it has a string 'gcc verision %s %s' but without the debug symbols I can't see the code line to work out what %s means in each case)

My Md5 checks out too. but it certainly took a while to calculate it on such a large pnd.
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You will not find 2.60.17 string, but the PXML.xml should contains
<version major="2" minor="6" release="0" build="17" type="release"/>
I have one idea (sorry, didn't get to check it last night - will do tonight hopefully) if you rename the pnd, does that have any effect? Unlikely to me...
Renaming is not an issue, as long as it's still keep the .pnd extension. But if you have an old version and the new, than it will be problematic.
Ok, found the issue. I had an old version in the root of the SD card, called "codeblocks.pnd.1".

Seems that the ".pnd" extension doesn't need to be at the end od the filename to be a valid extension!

Sorry for the wasting of your time, folks.:$