Pyra freezes randomly


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Apr 5, 2016
Hi everyone,

I've recently had some time again to use my pyra. Unfortunately, it seems like the OS regularly freezes (does not react to inputs, does not update screen, no blinking LEDs, ...).
These freezes are happening seemingly randomly, sometimes directly after login, sometimes half an hour later.
The USB serial console does not provide any output after the crash (Link to the serial output).
I am using a 4GB mobile EU edition. The OS is still the default installation, just recently updated using apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade. I think the freezes already occurred before the update, but I am not sure.
There's a SIM card and a SD-card in the right SD-Slot, no other peripherals have been connected.

Also, sometimes the pyra fails to boot with the following, probably unrelated, error:

U-Boot SPL 2016.11-01379-gfd188cb2b6-dirty (Jun 21 2019 - 16:36:20)
OMAP5432-GP ES2.0
ram code 0x0
version code 0xa
Found LC15 V5.3 with 4GB RAM
SDRAM: identified size not same as expected size identified: 0 expected: 40000000
Trying to boot from MMC2_2
FATAL: DDR RAM is not working! (80a00000: 34ff78)
I get this sometimes, can you confirm if you are doing large file copy operations between SD cards?
Unless some background process is copying some files, I am not copying any files at all. The freezes happen sometime directly after logging in, other times after opening a terminal or while trying to debug my modem.
the fact it cant detect the SD card size and it cant detect the DDR ram or comunicate with it is concerning. the ram issue could certainly lead to freezing of the system. seems to be a hardware fault rather than a software one. the varying times to freeze could indicate heat buildup in the ram? or the SOC? hard to tell remotely.
The RAM issue is one of the weird mysteries we still need to fix!
We have multiple U-Boots available where different RAM parameters are being set, and some are working a lot more reliable already.
Heck, it's even weirder: Some units only work with one setup while others need a different one.

This seems to have something to do with the RAM Timings / calibration routine.
So we have improved things, but not found the real culprit yet it seems.

The U-Boot used above is an older one, we have some updated ones that might solve your issues. I could look it up and send it to you, if you want to try.
I'd suggest to try it from an SD Card first though, as otherwise the unit might not boot at all.
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Currently, I installed bookworm and bullseye system. The freezing issue is still existing. any suggestion ?