pyra screen protectors


Jul 14, 2008
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the very first thing i plan on doing with my pyra is slapping a screen protector on it, and seeing as how mine should be shipping sometime in the next couple weeks (fingers crossed), i'd like to be prepared.

does anyone have any recommendations? are protectors in the size of the pyra's screen available? if not, exactly how big is it? plus, i am notoriously AWFUL at applying those suckers, so bonus points for stuff that's easy to work with.

i'm in the us, but i suppose it would still be good to know about that brand of screen protector you'd bet your life on even if it's only available in poland or CIS countries...
I did apply a screen protector to my Pandora, but from recollection the only time I really used my stylus on it where when I was using DraStic to emulate a DS. At all other times I'd use the nubs to move the pointer around the screen.
I never used a screen protector on the Pandora, the scratches just goes away rubbing it with a soft fabric (or just using the finger).

I hope the Pyra screen will be similar in that way.
I think it is not necessary because clamshell case design protects screen when closed. And when it is open if you use provided plastic pen, there is no problem: it can't scratch screen as it is softer.

I have two Nintendo DS and they have screens without marks/scratches because I use them always with provided plastic pen or, rarely, with my fingers. I have seen lots of Nintendo DS with scratches because people uses ballpens (ussualy with very hard tungsten carbide ball on their point) or other items on screen, and obviously with those you can scratch screen.

On other side, on both, NDS and Pyra, I suppose I would use buttons/etc much more than touch screen. Main controls on Pyra would be keyboard and console buttons/pads.
In my experience, a lot of screen scratches are actually due to you scratching the softer screen protector, than you scratching the actual touch layer. Since I misplaced my 3DS stylus I've been using my fingernail and that has torn up the screen protector something chronic. I still have to see if I remove it what damage I've done to the bottom screen, but since it's an old non-new 3DS it doesn't matter all that much.
ED mentioned in one of his updates, that one of his suppliers (do not remenber of which part though) can also make screen protectors, and so he was thinking about offering those in his shop. About the protection topic: The main hope I personally have for screen protectors is not so much about protection against physical damage, but matte-ifying the glossy screen.
I bought a DSi XL Screenproctector and cut it for the Pandora. It was not a good sized match, but it did the job for a while (I took it off, because part of the screen was not covered). The Pandora stylus does loose it's smoothness once in a while, and you need to smooth it out (I rubbed it against old cloth to do that). And scratches done by other things falling on the screen I could wipe away to the point of not-visible in the years I've used it.