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Jul 20, 2003
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EDIT: Can I ask anybody testing this to report game compatibility and issues please (Include, version, language and if you are using compressed audio).

All 0.5.1 LUCASART's games that fit on an SMC should work but this would help me sort a compatibility list out and understand problems (I do not have all the games to test).


After sitting on this for months while I worked (on and off) on the redone backend for the ScummVM 0.6.0 release (and fixing the memory problems with Simon, Fate of the Amazon Queen and BASS) I have caved in and packaged up my widespread 'testers' alpha from August/September time for a proof of concept release.

It is based on the 0.5.1 ScummVM code with a crappy patched copy of libTremor attached for OGG support (I have already started to merge my patches with Yoyo's in the newer 0.6.0 builds).

Please don't expect very much, however with the OGG supports off most of my testers have told me it is a good stable release. Speed is still down on older builds however but annoying bugs with the older builds such as sound and save support in Monkey Island should be fixed.

It is built to run at 133MHz, if you want to play with speed go ahead but don't blame me if your GP32 dies :D.

Well, there you go a specially compiled Happy New Year alpha of ScummVM for the GP32 0.5.1.

As soon as I get the newer builds as stable as this one expect a newer beta to surface.

If any of the guys who have tested this for me over the last few months want to drop me a mail I’ll send you the newer betas when I build them.

The downloads for both FXE and (EVIL) source code can be found on my site (in my signature).
Thanks, I remember looking at the code you had to deal with waaaaaaaaay back at the british meet up. It's taken you time, but I'm impressed with the results. MI1 seems to be perfect.
Thanks, I remember looking at the code you had to deal with waaaaaaaaay back at the british meet up. It's taken you time, but I'm impressed with the results. MI1 seems to be perfect.
My GP32 died not that long after the meet up so all the newer code has been on a go slow and only tested on the emu.

This is not that dissimilar to builds I sent out after the meet up to people that asked. Now I have a working GP32 I have a reason to code this again :D, also worth saying that the current code is a good bit different (in structure and implementation) to the code this is built from.
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Twimfy, no offence taken at all :D.

Just tried my OGG version of LOOM (256 colour CD-Rom) and it runs better on this then in the newer builds :unsure:, not sure what is going on there.

I forgot just how good Loom was :D and I can't remember the last time a 'played' a ScummVM game. I herby proclaim this release the Loom release ;).
Can someone please give me a step by step way of turning my MONSTER.SOU to a MONSTER.SO3 cos i am really confused.

can someone please help me by giving me links to the tools i need please.


When i drag n drop my MONSTER.SOU over Extract.exe it come up with a message saying

Voice file found (pos = 8) : sound data
- length = 64514
- sample rate = 22222 (d3)
- compression = 8bits (00)

'Lame' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

then the window closes down :S

can someone please tell me what in duing wrong??
Nice to see you've released a new one ;) I'm still waiting for my gp32 to return from Hong Kong, but I'll start testing as soon as it returns :) Congrats on the work!

You did read the big bit at the top of the readme that says I forgot to compile MP3 support into this build :D. As Hooka says you need Lame and the ScummVM-Tools package but for now you will only be able to play MP3 versions on the other ports until I get around to sorting a newer beta. You could try using the OGG encodeing guide if you want to try it with the current version.


I hope you get the GP32 back soon, thanks for the help with the readme.

Following some testing here are a few games that are fairly playable in there OGG versions.

Monkey Island 1.
Loom CD version.

Sam and Max and DOTT appear to suffer big slowdown problems in the cut scenes and busy screens even with the Music engine off.

Oh, and for the people that emailed me asking, yes, Manic Mansion works in this build.
how big is the 232mb monster.sou file when it is converted to ogg?
im converting right now and i waited yet for ages, and my monster.dat is 28mb big so far.
can someone tell me how big it should be so i know when the converting is done? (or am i doing smth wrong? 1,7ghz and over 1 hour on this)

help lol :ph34r:

edit: now 50mb and over 2 hours i think :ph34r: wtf is going on? in readme it says 30min :ph34r: :blink:
does simon 2 win work?
just copied everything besides the simon2.wav over to the gp32 ( i didnt get this file to ogg)
but scummvm doesnt find it... says no game in this folder
Wolfsclaw, My DOTT (The only game with a 200MB+ .SOU) MONSTER.SOG is 82MB.

The 30 mins is a ballpark and based on my PC (A P4 2.4 with 1GB DDR). Be aware that is is not going to run that well.

Sonic-NKT, As is stated in the readme ;) I disabled BASS and the Simon's due to memory allocation problems in there 0.5.1 versions (i.e. they crash after about 3-7mins playing and saves do odd things to the SMC). They may well be working in the next release.
can some one help me???

im trying to compress mu monster.sou to an ogg thingy can someone please tell me how to do it cos i dont get the read me lol.
just been trying BASS on here and at the moment its not recognising the game files.

Its the CD version and the windows ScummVM works ok with it.

I'll have another play around.

If anyone has any suggestions let me know

two files I have are


they are in


Please have a look at the readme, the bit that says BASS and the Simon's are disabled in this build might explain why they don't work ;).

From a post I made to GP32Spain.

I thought I would just to explain why BASS and the Simon’s don’t work.

Both actually run in this version however they both crash shortly after starting the game (or cut scene’s in Simon 2) due to memory problems (In the case of BASS it uses all 8MB on the GP32).

However, more worrying is the fact that when saving in the Simon’s or BASS most of the time it would corrupt the SMC . For this reason alone there not enabled in this version (and the main reason I did not release this back in September).

In the newer version of ScummVM for the GP32 (Based on ScummVM’s current CVS) a lot of these problems are solved (or being solved) including the save bug, but the code is much, much too different for me to patch this old code with fixes from the new code.
As soon as my newer builds are stable I will release a new alpha that (hopefully) will support more games and add MP3 support to the existing games. That will be based on the current ScummVM CVS tree and hopefully will be a good enough starting point to look at merging back into the main ScummVM development over time.


Have you installed the OGG encoder correctly?
i dunno :blink:

i dont have a clue how to do it lol i dont think i even have lame or where to get it :(

Core sound (i.e. the bit that takes audio to the speakers) is about as good as it can get and still be based on the SDK lib's. MIDI, OGG and MP3 still need a LOT of speeding up however. Thanks for the comments.


Quote from the ScummVM readme.

7.5.3) Compressing MONSTER.SOU with Ogg Vorbis:
------ ----------------------------------------
As above, but ScummVM must be compiled with OGG support. Run:

extract --vorbis monster.sou

This should produce a smaller monster.sog file, which you should copy to your
game directory. Ogg encoding may take a considerable longer amount of time
than MP3, so have a good book handy.

Go and grab vorbis-tools (1.0.1) from and put them all in the same folder as Scumm-Tools, that should work (I think, I don't have a Windows box handy to test on). Also, OGG encodeing will take a while, much longer then 30 mins :eek:.

Try OGG encodeing Monkey Island 1 or Loom CD, they both work well, most of the other games are a little slow in there OGG versions.