Scummvm For The Gp32 0.5.1 - Scummy Alpha

a button-combo to reach the toolbar at the bottom would be quite useful for pre-Sam'n'Max games. so you would press something like select+A and the cursor would jump to the bottom of the screen (or somewhere around the middle of the toolbar maybe; it's about the same in all the games, iirc). keep up the good work!
ScummVM on the GP32 rocks!

heres what should be added to ScummVm for the GP32:

-updated to feature the bugfixes of ScummVM 0.60.
-a faster (while still not jumpy) cursor speed. (or variable speed cursor?)
-Optimizations as it runs slower(looks like frames are being skippped and stuff is taking longer than it should to redraw on the GP32 svreen etc...) that Ph0x's version of GPScumm which it should not... (it should not need overclocking to move faster)....
-A key to skip a line of dialogue like "." used to do on the pc (perhaps A should do this while dialogue is on the screen).
-Configuration options (ie. mouse speed that can be changed in a *.inf file) or variable mouse speeds as was mentioned earlier.
-Improve OGG/new MP3 support


edit: man! i keep having to change my posts as they always seem so critical, so i shall add i really like SCUMMGP so far and hopeit is entered into GBAx
JegHegy, why don't you just use the L and R buttons? I don't even touch the bottom menu while playing on gp32 unless I'm using an Item I already have. But you sometimes have to hit the buttons a couple times and go back and forth (hit L-R-L) but is quite easy once you get used to it!

As for weird ideas to implement, a cd attachment for gp32 so that I could play full throttle (not serious, as I don't think anyone would go for this but would be a good accessory for gamepark to make! Hell, I'd pay an extra $50-75 for a cd player to use with a gp32, like having a discman with a cord to connect to gp32 imagine what you could do with that with supporting emus/games/movie player/mp3 player)

Ah, I just thought of something useful switched stereo (and an option to revert back to normal) like in doom so that if you play on gp32 speakers it's correct and if you play with headphones it's correct. I'm not sure if Scumm games are stereo though.

Or maybe the ability to remember the last save for the chosen game and boot straight to where you were last playing.

I don't care if any of these actually make it in just thought I'd try and help. Well, thanks for your/Ph0x's work and I hope it progresses into an excellent piece of software!
Hooka. It could be possible to use a cd device for the gp32. infact you could youse a dvd. all that would be needed is a USB dvd/cd Drive some form of extra power for it. a converter to convert standerd USB to the GP32's USB port and some software that understands it. The only problem is t hat full throttle's screen size is too big to go on the gp32 screen
Harsh didn't know it was a resolution issue (shows how long it's been since I played Full Throttle), but still a cool concept for other reasons, smc are expensive!
And yes I knew it was possible but I cannot do it and I'm not sure if someone else would take the time to do it.
smc are expensive!

I know you live in Canada so I'm going to tell you that on TigerDirect there are 45 dollar after rebate (regular 55) 128MB SMCs, much better than the 80 I paid at Future shop!

I'm a little confused about Scummvm, are there 2 different versions that are being ported or is one version no longer being continued?

As far as I know the only active port is mine, which is derived from Ph0x's 0.3.1 port that was in ScummVM's main CVS.

There was also another attempt at a port made about 12 months ago that got to the stage of an alpha running Day of the Tentacle (without sound etc.) that was stopped (without the source being released :(, naughty really as ScummVM is fully GPL).

gpScummVM 3c is based on ScummVM 0.3.1 and written by Ph0x.
ScummVM for the GP32 is based loosely on Ph0x's code and updated by me for ScummVM 0.5.1 (and 0.6.0 in test versions) it also adds OGG support, extra gamem support etc.
Spaz O Mataz posted on May 10 2004 at 03:11 PM said:
Is there any new news on this yet?
it hasn't had any news latley. maybe it's time for a public release yet?
Not time for a release yet :D, I am still working on this but I have been involved in a few other GP32 projects recently so they have had the lions share of my coding/GP32 time.
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Well, I'm pretty sure we'll all be happy when you do release it, until then we sit here and wait :)
Good luck DJWillis!
I am also looking forward to this, as an avid player of Sam & Max and DOTT who intends to play them on the way from Paignton to Bath uni :) Exquisite to see work still being done, keep it up DJW.
Woah, yesterday my friend lent me DOTT to try out SCUMMVM for GP32 and all I can say is that it kicks ass! I just started and I'm looking for plans of a battery, how much harder will this get?

Anyways, about SCUMMVM:

-Speed needs to be better
-give brightness control

K thx! Whens the next version :)
-Speed needs to be better

I know ;), as some of the more recent private betas show, I have made things a fair bit faster overall, not fast enough yet though. Also changed the cursor code a few weeks ago and that is now better.

-give brightness control

Hmm, you mean like the one that is already there, I'll leave you to figure out how to use it ;) :p.

K thx! When’s the next version :)

Well following a little 'incident' with my GP32 and the work experience lad it may take be a little while before I release anything as until I sort my jTag lead (or build a new one) I am without a working GP32 to test code on.
Well following a little 'incident' with my GP32 and the work experience lad it may take be a little while before I release anything as until I sort my jTag lead (or build a new one) I am without a working GP32 to test code on.

I know how to sort that one out. ;)

Gently place your right boot against left ear, Pull back and release. :D

Enslaved posted on May 31 2004 at 01:07 AM said:
So can you realease one of the private betas to the public?
With no MP3, no OGG and new buggy sound code, not to mention the odd problems with the non-scumm games. Nope :D, that's why I said beta not fully working mega version ;).

I got enough snipes in PM's and e-mail about the faults in the last release.
I'll release this when/if I am happy it is good enough, not before. Sorry.
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