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Aug 30, 2010
I like the star rating, from the perspective that it would help a new user to quickly assess what the existing community sees as the best available software for Pandora.

It's also a nice easy way for people to give some very quick feedback.

It's a shame that more people don't rate and comment on the software they use, but for the size of the community / number of downloads per app then we do OK for comments & ratings. Look at Maemo for instance, Super Mario War has had 286,690 downloads & a truly pathetic total of 8 votes to rate it. etc.


So what can be done?  Perhaps some people think their vote won't mean anything so why bother? Others might be too lazy or hurried to take that extra few seconds. Some might make a mental note to come back and vote but never do.

Voting in many instances produces poor participation. It's a fact of life. I agree with you though that it should be more active. However, voting is a form of statistic and statistics are very much misleading .

I will take this pledge. Swear me in sir.
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Apr 25, 2011
Personally, I don't think the software library is so exhaustive that rankings matter all that much. It's not like you've billions of choices for a single task. There's a handful of browsers, and chances are you use one of them on your desktop too. There's only 1 C64 emulator, so that's not really competing against anything

I rate every now and then, when I remember, most of the times I have something to say, I put on the forum where I can get a response (if required)


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Apr 5, 2012
Brussels, Belgium
pmprog: I agree that the ratings are not very useful to compare different applications against one another e.g. to find out what is the best word processor.

In my opinion, the ratings are especially useful for someone who just got a Pandora and quickly wants to find a bunch of cool stuff to install.

Also in categories like "Games" it can be useful to get a list of "community-recommended" games to try out...