The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

@Løra: M'lady, read the lyrics and maybe you'll understand.

(Mods: can you put spoilers, if need be?)
I recently re-subscribed to Scamthony Fraudtano after watching his shit-posting channel for a while. I unsubbed a long time ago after his shitty review of Childish Gambino's Because the Internet, but he's been putting me on some heat with his Track of the Week series.

Like this Artificial Pleasure band. They sound like David Bowie v2.5. Apart from the very neutral mix it's dope as hell.

And this Injury Reserve group. No one in hip-hop has this sound.

@Løra - I cannot challenge moonwolf in his epicness, really, but i guess thats not even the point here, exactly.

lyrics for that:
we dance in the desert
i feel a glance of your eye
the sun is burning on the sand
yearning bodies hand in hand
circles of love turn my head
i deserve and i'll get
all your lovin' tonight
and my fire will burn
innocence won't return
your face across the far sky
i loose myself in your eyes
i'm counting nights and days
waiting for the next embrace
i realize you drive
me crazy in my mind
love came face to face with life
all emotions in my mind
i try to cover try to hide

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My phone's been taken over for last half hour, and listening to loads of MLP songs like this

And now my recommendations will no doubt all be pony based :D