What Case (bag) Can I Use To Carry My Gp32?

yeah white demon, full ACK
I recieved the lowepro d-res 120 about 20 minutes ago, and it just fits _perfect_, I strongly recommend this thingy if one is in need for a bag
Oooh, i was gonna go to my local Argos and Pick up the codac twin pouch, but I think the extra £5 would be worth it for that D-Res, plus I wouldn't have to go through the whole argos system...

As Bill Bailey says... "The laminated book of dreams... You know why it's laminated, don't you? To catch the tears of Joy! 'So many beautiful things, I cannot own them all... Stock check doodoodeedaadooo!"

But then, he's somewhat surreal.

"The Narnia of Household goods, the Tardis of Toasters."
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Note to mods: This topic was useless to begin with.
This topic was useless to begin with.

Not so! I now have an idea as to what bags i can use as a substitute for the somewhat rare official bag. Surely this information in itself makes it useful.

By the way: buy, rent, download or borrow a copy of 'Bill Bailey - Part Troll', because the entire sequence makes slightly more sense when it's not hastily written at the end of a badly thought out BBS post.
Just thought I'd add my two penny....

I just got a cheap £15 portable CD player bad from Currys. It has a large pocket that holds my GP32 and card reader, 3 slim pockets for CDs (I use it at the moment for the CDs that came with the device, but you could hold shed loads of MP3s on the go in there), as well as a smaller pocket that I use to hold me media cards. Works very well, and is only slightly larger than a portable CD player.
ASR carry case is on Korean www.gp32.com again.
I babelfished it :)
They have a set containing:

Wanna Be Wizard (Korean Version)
RF link
Screen cleaning cloth
Earbud headphones
ASR carry case bag :)
USB speaker :blink:

But you have to be registered with them, probably need to live in Korea.
Maybe Craig (gbax) or Lik-Sang could carry them.
Lik-Sang used to do them before they ran out of stock, so the should carry on do that.
Lik-Sang used to do them before they ran out of stock, so the should carry on do that.

Unfortunatly this special package with Wanna Be Wizard have never appear on any website outside of GP32.com korean version .... but it's true that they had the ASR limited edition coz I bought one to them lol ;p

btw is there a way to buy Wanna be a Wizard outside of Korea??????????
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