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    Thanks, but no thanks.

    Yes I am. Prolly a delay. Im not getting my hopes up. The chance of getting a refund are astronomically small. Im just done.
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    Thanks, but no thanks.

    I got an e-mail with an official document saying it was. Prolly another fraude?
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    Thanks, but no thanks.

    Ordered a pandora from Craig 4/5 years ago. No product, no refund. The community tries to solve Craig's problems, thank you for your effort. I wont think I would order another pandora, even for a reduced price. I know I wont get my refund, surely now when Craigs company has been struck off. I...
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    Information for old customers

    Are you sure all of his business are going down in flames, or just the pesky pandora customers which he failed to serve?
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    Openpandora Ltd (UK) Struck off email

    No refunds. Well that is something i never would have expected. (And Craig is prolly running a different company already with our funds) What an utter cunt. This is the reason why open source will never win. Respect to the good guys. Ed, get out while you can and start a real company with...
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    Ordered in 2009 from craigs shop

    I have been waiting since 2010. No product. No refund.
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    Still haven't gotten my refund

    Same here, didnt get the product, no refund either, I think this is a scam.
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    Trying to get my pre-order refunded

    Never got the product, and never got a refund. I think this is a scam.
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    Order cancelled 2+ months ago. No refund.

    Same here, didnt get the product, asked for a refund. Nothing. I think its a scam
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    Yet to receive my Pandora which was ordered in 2008!

    He forgot my shipment, and my refund too!
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    2009 Craig pre-order, looking to upgrade through ED.

    Same here, I havent got mine, or a refund yet. I think it is a scam. Wont update now.
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    I think I might have been Scammed by Open Pandora.

    Same here. I got scammed too
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    Please help me, order still not processed

    Update; Filled in a questionaire a couple of months ago. Still no money back. 3 yrs now. Nothing. Goddamnit. And I dont fall for emails or such from craig or jacquelin. Arses. They did responded to twitter quickly...
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    Please help me, order still not processed

    I dont care about VAT. I still havent got my money back. Awfull Nigerian tactics of Craig. You all say he is not scamming us. Well he is. I am going over there to the UK. And when I am there, I am gonna get my money back. Just wait and see. Bah!
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    Information for old customers

    Can someone explain to me; When a production company and/or faulty parts destroys something, and how the customer (in this case Craig and his company) gets victimised by this? Im no expert, but I believe also those types of firms have a warranty on their products?