Burger Lord (intellivision burgertime-inspired multiplayer action drama) released


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Oct 25, 2011
Time for the shameless plug!
I have been working on this game for quite some time now and it is finally released!

I made a quick devlog here in case you guys want to check a bit of the making of.

The steam page is here, it costs 9$:

Itchio page here:

Like my other games, this is GLBasic made, so it is possible to Pandora port.

Here a behind-the-curtain gif showing the enemies putting its AI to work a bit. :D

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very cool man! a pandora port would be awesome and I would pay 9 bucks for it, too! It looks like a crazy coop burger making romp :)
I love those pixels! Good job Erico. Jup, would buy a Pandora/Pyra version.
My idea is that a pandora version should be free.
It is just a bit hard to pull, Ian Price advised me on how to do it, I just need to find some time to try it out.
I also think I´m doing some unneeded heavy stuff because the game runs a bit slow on android, Pandora won´t like that either.
I will probably try to push a Pandora version of the Avocado game, which I will try to release on PC this month.
edit: it is now on itchio, updated first post.
Not yet, as my last attempts to compile for linux were not quite successful but I will try again soon.
I need to find a distro to run from a pendrive that can mimic the majority of the distros.
Given that the Pandora *is* linux, doesn't "a linux version" necessarily precede a Pandora version?
Sure shot, but I´m not sure the current build I´m using of GLBasic will do the linux properly.
I know that the current won´t output pandora but Ian pointed me to a version that works and how to build the PND.

Back on linux, it creates a 32bit file, it should work on a 64bit, but I´d have to own a linux box to try, I guess a pendrive boot would be the best solution.
Which pen drive distro would you recommend?
Both debian and mint have live images these days which should boot from a usb pendrive just fine, and probably would be the broadest compatibility tests. I'm just not sure how much extra gubbins you'd need to install to a union mounted ram drive to get glbasic apps running on top of those images.

Doing a search on the glbasic forums, I can only find a lot of nearly decade old posts about people having trouble on ubuntu flavoured distros (like mint) and having to get updated libs from all over the shop. Debian I'd expect to have even older libs, so maybe try mint first. Maybe it all just works these days, with any luck though.

I'd have thought you'd also need 32-bit versions of any libs you need to link against. Booting an i386 32-bit image on your 64-bit machine is probably the quickest way to solve that problem.