Perfect Dark finally gets the full-featured PC port it deserves

T'was the last time I was a really good headshot dispenser using a controller.
I do not like ports. I ONLY play on original hardware. That is why I make it my mission to collect all hardware and truly be the King of Games™.

Perfect Dark on PC is an oxymoron. Ported to PC it becomes no more than Decent Dark. Good enough for peasants, but not for the King of Games™. When I play Perfect Dark, I play on my special Pikachu edition Nintendo 64 bought in the 90's. That is right, the normal editions are for princes, the king only uses the special editions.

I am glad that Decent Dark is now available on the PC. You PC peasants deserve good things too. The kings get the banquet, and the peasants enjoy the crumbs that fall of the table.
I'll play the n64 version on the Wii, but emulated with anti-aliasing off and fake scan lines from ossc. This is a good experience today. I just hope the aiming works ok.