4 Ways to install Pandora Slackware(Windows/Linux/Zaxxon)


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Jan 18, 2010

Welcome to the updated "SLACKWARE FOR ALL" ;)

Here are 4 little Tutorials for installing Slackware with Images or tar.gz Files.

1.The Way to install it under Windows:


(maybe the easiest Way)


I made it very easy to install Slackware for the Pandora @ your Windows PC
It was only tested on 16 GB SD Cards and bigger.

Only a few 16GB Cards are to small for the Image,but i am shure not yours ^_^

All you need is
1: The Windows Freeware USBIT for Images



Actual Image should be more combatible because was made with a cheaper/smaller 16GB SD Card

File is around 2GB big

Depends on the Speed from your Card Reader or the SD can be installation take up to 1 Hour

Please Wait that your Card Reader ending with blinking!!

Then Start USBIT ,Choose your 16GB SD Card,press Restore and Choose your Slackware Image B)

No Partitionating,no Formating,no Tar Commands or near,
the Software USBIT makes all for you then ^_^

Please dont forget to run the USBIT as ADMIN under Windows


2.The Way to install it on the Pandora under Zaxxon and your Desktop Linux PC:



Image here for easy installing under Zaxxon on the Pandora ^_^

Slackware 14.1.1 as DiskDump compressed Image.

http://qemu.openpand...ckware14.1-1.gz  (2GB Big too)

Simply load this 2 GB File onto a USB Stick,use a 16GB Card (or bigger)and type(or Copy and paste):

gunzip -c /media/USBSTICK/Slackware14.1-1.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0p1

Please correct /media/USBSTICK/ with your path to the File then

And wait and wait until the SD LED on your Pandora is ending with blinking(it belong on the Speed of your SD)

All Data will be erased on the SD Card and i recommend to use the Restspace on the Card for a Swap Partition

(That can you simply make with Gparted.PND under Zaxxon)

From a Stick to SD work faster then from SD to SD

When you use a PC is it the Same command,you simply must correct the Location to your SD like this:

gunzip -c /media/hdd/Slackware14.1-1.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sga1 (or what your SD Drive is)


3.The Way for using the SL4P PND under Zaxxon


(very easy too but slower than on PC)


Download the PND here and start it,its self explained :D



4.The Way to use the tar.gz under Zaxxon and your Dektop Linux PC



Many answers for your Questions about Slackware are here to find:

Happy installing :)
And Enjoy the very good work from Linux Swat ;)
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Nice. Thank you.

Just a thing about installing packages, it's:

su -

installpkg nameofyourpackage.tgz
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Your screen shots looks like you're running windows 3.11 ffs :D . Nice work, I look forward to testing this sometime.
Nice guide...

warning File is 5GB Big

Sorry but with my internet connection i can't download such big files....well i can but download time will be a week
So it will be faster to grab the normal 1.2G image and create your own .imz.
Would an 8GB card work as well (theoretically), or is the linked 5GB image specifically for a 16GB card?
The original image fits on 8G, so it's the same here.

I produced a new -rc meanwhile, so maybe you should wait a little if ingoreis plans to update the .imz.
Cool, I do have a spare 8GB SD I could use. Currently I'm without Pandora though, since I am upgrading to a 1 GHz unit :)

Your Slackware is something I wanted to try out for a while now, but I never found the time to get started (didn't have time for anything for the last 6 months actually). My experience with Linux is more from a "here is a running system you can just use" point-of-view. I'm willing to learn, but Ingo's solution probably just saves me a lot of time setting it up, which means more time to actually test and mess around with it ^_^

So thanks in advance to both of you!
It says "The image file is too large for the selected USB device". My card is 16GB with a formatted capacity of 14.6GB
If you are currently downloading the .imz, it's a 5+ G file, so it can not be saved on fat32 partition.

If the file is already downloaded and you're using USBIT, well we have to wait ingoreis ^^.
the file is already downloaded. Its on a ntfs formatted drive. I think my card might have a few bytes less than your card and that might be causing the issue.