Slackware for Pandora 14.1

I am using the pnd from Pandora repo not from Slackware.

I am testing some windows software with qemu-i386.

I found two more working in Slackware.

- TinyCAD: first run is a bit slow at start but then its fine using only low CPU and RAM resources
- IrfanView

trying more and give info

As I am a Slackware only user I am sorry not trying 14.2 because I did a lot of work into v 14.1 to get all working and installing.
Don't rush on 14.2, as I said in the development thread it's in beta state and not usable as 14.1.
So I tried some more programs in qemu-i386 which are working very well :


I have one question with Slackware : has anyone got QT5 installed ? After some days of installing I get an error in the process. Some progs need QT5 like Stellarium. With Celestia I get an "system doesnt support OPENGL" error and the pnd of Stellarium is not good when showing text.
Qt5 is packaged for the 14.2, didn't try for 14.1 . Indeed it's a looooooong compilation. On which Pandora model did you try ?
Yeah, Celestia and Stellarium are not suitable as is for the Pandora. They need to be tweaked to use glshim, but I have no idea about how to do that.
I tried to compile qt5 on the 14.1, it failed no matter what, even the one which worked on 14.2 .
Stellarium work on my side, either the old one based on Qt4 (that is on the repo), or newer one based on Qt5 (in my beta thread). The only thing is that the qt5 based may crash on CC model, because of the use of Shaders.

I don't know about Celestia, never tried to compile it.

Of course, I'm talking about SuperZaxxon, but Stellarium should run in Slackware I guess, bacause most dependancies are inside the PND.
Both are compiled and packaged for this 14.1 release.
I guess it's the qt4 version.
Thanks for the Info. Using a GHz model. I checked and Celestia was installed already . It is loading data but then crashes with error " .. windows system doesn't support OpenGL" . I then installed Stellarium but had the same display problem as in the pnd version : Text not readable as told in the Pandora repo.

Maybe I should try the 14.2 version for some programs.
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i installed, and when i click "Toggle Wifi" or "Toggle USB" say like "mounting pnd failed"
Im reinstalling right now, i think is because i dont use a Pandora Sd Card, i use a sd card with .pnd files
[doublepost=1476025610,1476015922][/doublepost]More than 4 hours installing slackware. anyone can help?
Its a Toshiba 8gb, i wait like 5 hours but installed, any way to watch videos? :D (in this slackware)
This isn't detailed info...
Well, I guess the card is slow.
MPlayer is shipped in, just click on any video < 720p and it will play smoothly.
I tested, but dont work. I installed "The Tube" but the PndManager i click run and dont work :(, minitube is a good option?
I have no idea.
I was wrong I now remember I tested SMTube a long time ago and it worked.
Maybe try to update it through sbopkg (check the wiki).