4 Ways to install Pandora Slackware(Windows/Linux/Zaxxon)

Are not all SD Cards with 16gb same size?

That can be a problem.

I try to make a smaller image with swap Partition.

I think i have it on weekend uploaded.

Maybe next Version work better;-)
Even within the same brand, all cards have not the same exact size.

This is also the case with harddrives.

That's exactly why, when you do a RAID array, you MUST create partitions smaller that the disk.
Okay, so I'm pretty new to linux, and I was wondering which packages we were supposed to install with the slackware on the sd card. There was a list of like 300 of them, and most seemed to be either essential or driver related, yet I want to keep as much free space as possible on the card.
All essentials packages are already shipped in the image.

Installing others depends on what software you plan to use.
I've been meaning to try Slack for a while, but my Pandora hasn't seen daylight for an age. Thanks for this, I'll (hopefully) try it later :)
Hmmm, this didn't work for me. After writing the card, it would say in Windows that the card wasn't formatted (which you'd expect of ext2), however, when I plug it into the Pandora, it kept it's old label and was completely blank :(

I've got the tar.gz version as well, but my pandora doesn't have GParted :(
That renember me one Thing.

When you restore a Image and it says its Finished,then its often not realz finished.

Plz wait that your SD Reader REALY ends writing/blinking.

Sometimes up to 5 Minutes after the *Restore Succesfully* Message.

Maybe that can solve your Problem.


I Bought new SD Cards and now i am able to make Images for smaller SD CARDS with 16gb ^_^
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Not working for me either, I tried 3 times now but the card is unreadable after restoring the RC5 image...

Because my laptop doesn´t have indicator lights for the internal SD card reader I got me a cheap all in one USB reader with a light just to make sure it was finished. Still no luck.

Windows wants to format the card, USBit doesn´t recognize it anymore and neither does my Pandora :(

After a format the card functions like it should without problems
I make a new image with smaller partitions and upload it next days.

My normal 16gb card is a SanDisk16gb extreme card.

In the wiki for slackware is written that Not All we cards work for slack on pandora.nur i will try to make my image more combatible next days because i bought cheaper sd cards.
I'm going to download the RC4 version. I also tried downloading the GParted ISO which didn't download completely. I think something is comspiring against me :huh:
It can work as Fat32 for data, pnd etc.. but not as a Linux Extended partition.
RC4 failed to work when written to my SD card. Giving up for now.
Hi, I apologize for bumping this, but I followed the directions, and am not sure what to do next. I just (I assume) extracted the 4.3 GB IMZ file with that program listed on the first page.

Now what?