4 Ways to install Pandora Slackware(Windows/Linux/Zaxxon)

Hey I rebooted the Pandora with my 16GB card in the left slot, but it boots to the pandora OS? Please help. And I have the system file on my card.
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Write the Image a second time to the SD Card and wait until your SD Reader is end blinking.

Dont trust the "i am finish" Message ;)

And you can try while Booting pressing R1 and select boot from SD 1:1

good luck,post here when you need more Tips :)
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When dealing  with large amounts of data being copied to a SD card at once, I wait 5 minutes after it says complete for things to be synced.
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I just read that I can't have formatted the card as Fat32, which is what I did. So, I reformatted the card. Now, where I'm confused is: There are two Files, the SL4P 14.0 tar.gz file (1.6GB) and the other one that I tried installing (4.3 GB) Which one should I use and what are the differences between the two? Thanks!
The IMZ file will only work with the Windows installer... And from what I'm told it should do the formatting for you.. so it doesn't matter what it is.   I responded in the other thread is you should wait a while for before ejecting the SD card even if it says it's done.. it's actually still syncing.
Is it normal to take like an hour for it to install the IMZ file? And how long should I wait before taking it out you think?
Is it normal to take like an hour for it to install the IMZ file? And how long should I wait before taking it out you think?
Since it's windows I will say yes... I would say at least 5 minutes to be sure.
So, I'm going back to the windows installer, and giving it another shot. I'm going to try to boot from SD1. But does this have a boot.txt (or whatever it was called) so it knows to show that option?
I have here another Slackware Image what you can try


This one have a Boot.txt and a Autoboot.txt (2 Partitions with Slackware are inside)

Normaly must this boot automatic.

I am sorry that you have no Luck to get it running.

But i have a Simple Tip here when you want to install Operating Systems on the Pandora:

Put a USB Stick onto the Pandora where the Image can saved for the Software SL4P:


This Software is from Linux Swat and i wonder why he does not recommended it :rolleyes:

I wish you only the Best and that it work ;)
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Wow this is much easier. It's even a little smaller in size. I have a question though: Do I install it with USBIT first, then with that PND file you linked me, or just copy over the IMZ file and run the PND and install from there? Thanks again!
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How big of a card do you need for this new IMZ file? I have a new 16GB card, and it says it's too small for the file to be extracted or something...

Edit: NVM, i had to run it as admin for it to work properly.
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i had to run it as admin for it to work properly
Ah thx that is a important Information for the Future.

I work only with XP(and sometimes Knoppix when i need a Quick Linux)

and have such Problems not with the Windows.

Then use you Vista or Windows7 ?

It work now?

Cool that make me happy,nice to read ^_^
NP I would be happy when you will update the SL4P Installer with my DD Images in the Future ^_^

I love this little Installler Software from you.

A (Choose your own tar.gz for installing ) Option would be cool then can i download it on the PC and install all tar.gz OSes with it on the Pandora.

Downloading the OS on the Pandora is slow but work.

Like a tar.gz Install Option :)
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