A Special Request

It's good to see such a selfless show of support mobilised by the community here :).

I wish you the best in the challenges ahead so that you can come out on top of this.
Can't really add much, except to say you would be welcome to swap with me but I'm at ~1500 so not much good...

Just keep you're chin up and someone get this guy a Pandora in his hands ASAP!!
I am expecting my unit quite soon, so if you do not have luck elsewhere we can arrange for mine to be sent to you (so if Craig is out of units but has mine ready to send off he could send it to you instead).

Best wishes,

authoreyes said:
x68000 said:
^If you have no joy with Craig, you are more than welcome to have mine (which i already have) and i'll just get yours directly from Craig when the time comes

Thanks so much for the offer, but now, I am starting to feel guilty :) I know how long we have all been in this. I will just see if Craig has a 1 nubber or such handy. That will be fine, as I don't want to cause someone else to have to wait longer.
If it's a problem for Craig, just PM me with an address and the original sales order number you got from openpandora and i'll divert that unit to me and i'll send mine out Priority Airmail. (4-5 days)
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Sad to hear your news, but we're all rooting for you mate.

X6800: If I had a hat on, I would take it off to you, sir.

This community constantly makes me damn proud...
I don't know about my health ,scans have came back ok and some bloods and other ones have also came back fine apart from a lack of vitimin-d B) more sunshine for me then !(i guess clear signs are good but it's been going on for over two years and getting worse) it's all taking way too long for uk docs to do anything apart from prescribe more crap to deal with the crap they gave out the first time around but i see my specialist soon to go over the findings and then i guess grrrr another endoscapy :ph34r: i am full of dread at that one but i need to go through the mill for the sake of my son so go on i must ,for now i am cooool and thanks for asking :) (can't believe i am talking about this on the pandora forums)

anyway i hope you are feeling ok and well it looks like you can get your pandora and keep at that game dev you are doing so that will keep you going night and day i bet.
paddy said:
(can't believe i am talking about this on the pandora forums)

I know what you mean. I swear, I don't wanna sound like some needy line jumper, I am just trying to think of what can make being forced in bed a bit more manageable.

I pray that your tests keep coming up clean...
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Keep positive!

The whole mind set and positive energy is so very true! When I get stressed, I get a dodgy stomach (and the toilet isn't so nice!) My friend gets a really bad headache when he's under pressure. It would make perfect sense if I could use all that negative energy to do really cool stuff like flying, teleportation or firing hadokens from the palm of my hands, instead of making myself ill. It's all in my mind.
Sorry I cant help you as I'm 1600-1700 bracket.
Hope all goes well; and when everything does, get yourself down to a Tai Chi or yoga club as it does wonders for energy and state of mind.
No luck here (1000-1500 range.) I wish you well though, and I agree with everyone. Every cancer survivor I have ever met has had a positive attitude. My teacher overcame skin cancer and they told him that he would have loss of appetite, energy, etc. after chemo. So he every time he would go in he would eat large amounts and go exercise as much as he could. He was determined to be the antonym of what cancer should look like.

Best Wishes
XxionxX said:
So he every time he would go in he would eat large amounts and go exercise as much as he could. He was determined to be the antonym of what cancer should look like.
Best Wishes

My plan exactly....Thank so much everyone for your support...I REALLY mean it....
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Best wishes.

Unfortunately I think I'm a little further down the line than you.

I can totally understand why you want your Pandora. My wife spent around 5 weeks in hospital earlier this year, because of our son (she wasn't even ill). She's normally so positive, but without a little help hospitals can get to you. Staying positive has got to be easier when your occupied.
Sorry to hear of your own and the other community members health problems and I wish you all, all the best to fighting these issues off and to a speedy full recovery. :)

I second the advice to seek out Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Qi Gong, Ki, Prana or whatever you wish to call it), yoga or a martial art with such a focus, as worthwhile, for healing the mind, body & soul, in the pursuit of an engaging and historical pastime that will be of benefit if you are able enough to engage in such.

In the meantime hats off to ED, to the community and to Craigix, who will no doubt help immediately (donning a hat, his Mario fluffy flying hat and a ton of absolut vodka for the trip) if it´s within his current position to do so.

You are also welcome to my own Pandora but the bidding starts at 1500 pounds of unbacked sterling. Just kidding :) I will happily send you mine tomorrow, repleat with box etc on the proviso, I get this one back and you keep your own when she arrives, as they are all unique, as are we all and each is destined for each other. Yours is waiting to complete your Dev work and bolster the Pandora´s repetoire with many many more ideas that will come to you in your prosperous Pandorian times ahead, but it would not hurt to begin your work upon another, hope filled box of wonder! Mine is just a distraction to my fishing; which is also good for you :)

Best wishes
Thank you all so much for everything....I literally have tears in my eyes...

Michael, Craig, Jacquelyn have been amazing and they have offered to ship me one this week. To everyone who offered, I have a deal. How about we make this one I am receiving the "good health" pandora? Once I get better, I can ship it to someone in need, and I will buy another one. I will make up the kindness you people have shown.

The hospital called, and I will be going for my biopsy tomorrow. I will keep everyone informed.
Good luck my friend and have fun with your Pandora :)
(I demand a thorough review, though!)
just read this thread, you are more than welcome to have my one nubber though looks like you are sorted. If for some reason yours does not turn up, more than happy to send you mine next day postage.

I have a friend who has recovered from this as well and been in remission for a long time, so the odds r definetely with you especially if its localised.

Best of luck with the treatment and hope all goes well.

This is truly the best thread I have seen in my short time here. Such support for someone who people have not met in real life is rare, and I praise the members here for that.

I'm glad that the OP team has done what they did. It just reinforces how much of a community project this has been, and how strong the community is.

I wish you the best in overcoming what has happened to you. Good vibes sent from the west coast. Hope the Pandora brings you as much joy as it has others, and makes your time in the hospital fly by.
Good luck for tomorrow authoreyes, I would have offered you my place but you would have had to wait even longer. Glad Craig and Co. have got it sorted out for you.
Sorry to everyone else that isn't in the best of health at the moment too. Hope you all get better A.S.A.P.

I'm waiting to find out if I can get an operation on my lower back myself but that's not life threatening and isn't anyway comparable to what some of you guys will be going through in the next couple of months from the sound of it.

Best wishes to you all :)