Gmenu2x 0.10 Test 1

When I first copied this version of GMenu2X over to my SD card and booted the GP2X from it, I was really quite surprised when it completely failed to start. Firmware loaded, black screen for three seconds, white flash then black screen again. Nothing after that.

When I moved the gmenu2x folder from the /mnt/sd/app/gmenu2x to /mnt/sd/gmenu2x and then tried booting it, it worked fine. Well, fine enough for a test release. Touchscreen support is nice, and long-awaited! :)
Would it be possible to display bash output while booting something? That would really help, especially for F200. Maybe make it an option to turn on if some people don't like it.

If it's not possible, could you store the wrapper code externally? Then someone could include terminal emulation software in the wrapper so it does output bash msgs.