Release PPSSPP, Emulator for PSP

Probably going to be a long wait!

Even some portable Ops and ACID.
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Is there some Bios we could use to make it better, like with PSX emu?

I have tried to load two load end and I get nothing but a black screen.

Bomberman and Atari Reloaded.

Both small and low quality games.
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This is what happens when you make releases of a project shortly after you start working on it..

It's just not far enough along. The compatibility rate isn't high yet. My suspicion is that an emulator like this that relies strongly on HLE will tend to have a more gradual compatibility progress curve, vs other emulators that take a lot of work to hit the first compatibility targets but then pretty quickly ramp up to a reasonable level.
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New build on the Repo.

Still no JIT for ARM, so no major performance improvement. I build this one to test the new git merge with my OpenPandora config...

So enjoy a new build with a slight improved compatibility (I tested Ridge Racer 2, and get ingame, with no camera problem, good graphics, with only rearview mirror not well placed, but a slideshow speed).

Build 02


  • Compiled to test the merge of the Pandora config on git repo
  • Compatibility should have improved a bit.
  • Added Joystick handling. If nubs are set to joysticks, you should be abble to use them

Also, I didn't test the Joystick handling, but it should works.
I'd guess that speed improvements can always be made in complex software, but they will be progressively less effective until the coder decides they're not worth it.
I'm pretty sure speed improvements will happen - the question is, if those'll be enough to make it playable...
I tried a little bit,because i dont have many Games for PSP.

The Tales of Eternia is little slower and have now little grafical glitches.

And Mana Khemia dont start.

When i have more Time i Try some Demo Versions :)
Speed improvements are just a matter of dedication, knowledge and time.
That's kind of an empty platitude. You could claim that about anything.
Also it's not necessarily true: there is such a thing as a maximum speed for any give hardware. E.g. there are several ways to do a memcpy(), and you can optimize a naive implementation using NEON and cache preloading etc, but at some point you'll have the fastest possible memcpy() with literally no room for speed improvement, no matter how much dedication, knowledge and time you throw at it.

Of course in emulation this theoretical speed limit is never actually reached, because in theory the emulator could be so clever to effectively make a native version of the game you're emulating, so in theory full speed is possible as long as the hardware you're emulating is not better than the one you're emulating it on. That is possible in theory because even if it seemingly has to solve undecidable problems to do that, the number of games to emulate is finite so in the worst case the "emulator" would be just a collection of native code. But in practice that is of course not a good approach (it would probably be easier to make complete remakes of all those games).

Let's just hope that in this case, the effort and ingenuity needed to get full compatibility and full speed are within the scope of the devs working on this. One thing is clear: it is certainly not a trivial task, nor is it in any way "inevitable", or "just a matter of time".
Well seeing as no ones posted for the guys porting this the newest dev build up, has a rudimentary ARM dynarec implemented in it. Very noticeable speed up when playing Fate/Etra through android. Was wondering if anyone wanted to update the native port and see how it compares.

Edit: Now when I say speed-up, I mean I now get to watch characters zip across my screen at about 3-5 fps.
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Yes, I have compiled the current version, to check my Pandora port merge on git repo. The Dynarec is inside, but the speedup is not dramatic, There is something else slowing things down... I may release a new build soon.