Release PPSSPP, Emulator for PSP

Not a pandora owner but interested to know, how well does it run?
It runs pretty solid on less-demanding games. Not 30fps, but stays at a playable rate in some demanding games like Assasin's Creed : Bloodlines or The Sims 2. You can check the PPSSPP section on the Pandora wiki for exact notes on how they play on Pandora.
Wow i got an significant speedup in the last Release of PPSSPP..
..must Test more Games.
Mana Khemia is for me perfectly with Sound on and Frameskip 1

Thank you @ptitSeb ;)
New build on the repo.
Note that I have noticed a regression with MotoGP, that is also present on the Windows build... Other game I tried were fine.

Build 52

  • In sync with the git repo (based on 1.4.2)
Thank you ptitSeb for your continuous support.
Has anyone tested the performance in the new Release? Has it changed?

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Work fine here.
I do not rekognize some Perfomance Boosts but it is ever fine to have an "uptodate" Version.

Thank you ;)
I haven't tested much. Only MotoGP showed a performance boost (like +50% in speed), and getting close to 75% relative speed (sometimes going to 50%). It was more around 20~30% before. Other games I tried (a couple of 3D games) didn't had changes on my side.
wow I first thought that was another spam post, but this guide is quite elaborate. not all things might come in handy on the pandora, but it explains a lot of tweaks to ppsspp pretty thorough.
This is a huge emulator on the Pandora for me at least. It's pushing the Pandora to the limits - and yet some RPGs run beautifully. And having these is nicer than just having the PS1 and SNES RPGs.
Yes i can say the Same.
Its wonderfull that i can Play Games like ManaKhemia vie PPSSPP on the Pandora.
Thank you for that wonderfully Update :)